Article Analysis Essay On A Day in the Life of a Las Vegas Water Cop

Published: 2021-08-17
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In the recent past, many cities across the world have adopted measures aimed at improving and protecting the environment. Such measures are as a result of changing environmental and climatic conditions that change the distribution of various natural resources. in the absence of conservation measures, there is increased risk of abuse of resources, degradation of environment, and even exhaustion of important resources like water. Therefore, conservation ensures efficient use of available resources by protecting and preserving critical elements to prevent exploitation and destruction.

Sin City is one of the cities that have adopted strict conservation measures. Police officers are deployed to enforce water rules and to check on violations such as leaking irrigation systems, water on sidewalks, and sprinklers operating beyond the accepted hours. Evidence shows that a few years back, residents of Sin City ignored the established rules which threatened the well-being of the neighborhood. Even though the region is a drought stricken area, it is arguably one of the cities with the best conservation measures. This has been realized through the introduction and implementation of fines, grass removal incentives, educational awareness campaigns. The regulations instituted do not allow developers to build houses with grass in the front yard and facilities that exceed their recommended water budgets are heavily fined.

Water conservation measures help to increase efficiency even in drylands. For instance, southwest cities have desert climate and face chronic water shortages that is exacerbated by increasing population. The deteriorating conditions have forced the cities to reexamine their water usage by using Las Vegas as a benchmark. In Southern Nevada where majority of the population is from other places. The cosmopolitan nature of the population have enabled the city to develop a rule that has become widely accepted. The population understands that they live in desert climatic conditions and lifestyles applicable in other regions are not applicable there. In particular, the population understands that it is not possible to have big lawns and grass that consume a lot water. Effective implementation of conservation measures requires implementation of stringent rules. Such rules is the banning of vegetation or activities that use excess water. In Las Vegas, golf courses have implemented measures aimed at reducing water consumption (Roth, 2015). Instead of monochromatic grass, frontyards and backyards have different characters and color and textures through water-smart landscaping. In fact, water managers in Southern Nevada argue that 50% of the regions grass has been removed in the past 15 years. Replacing grass is one of the most effective water conservation measures in Nevada.

Even with good conservation measures, it requires cooperation from all stakeholders to ensure effective implementation. This is true in Southern Nevada whereby.


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