Art Analysis Essay on Rain Man and Of Mice and Men

Published: 2021-07-07
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Rain man is a road comedy-drama film. The film was directed by Barry Levinson. Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass are the people who wrote this movie. It tells about a young wheeler-dealer who was young, selfish and abrasive. Charlie and Raymond are the main characters of this film. Of Mice and Men, on the other hand, is about a mouse which during the winter it builds a nest carefully in a wheat field which is later destroyed by a man who was plowing the land. The mouse had dreamed that during the winter it would have a place to live which would be safe and warm and now the reality was it had to face the cold, loneliness and even it would lead to death. The main characters of this novel are George and Lennie. The Rainman is an appropriate movie which can be used to accompany the book of Mice and Men since its characters can be used to change those in the novel as they are more friendly and loving unlike those in the novel (Hoffman et al., 2015).

Concept of loneliness

The idea of loneliness is showcased in Of Mice and Men when the author uses the character in a manner that they do not change nor develop. They dont grow. For example, in the novel, the readers are introduced to Lennie and George who are about to start their new jobs at the ranch. Lennie has a mental disability which makes him be attached to no one else apart from George. Throughout we learn about the loneliness that these two experience as they never change .Lennies disability never change nor alters and only cares about George while George, on the other hand, feels the responsibility of him taking care Lennie as a burden. It is evident on page 7 of the novel when he says that he could easily get along if Lennie didnt have Lennie in his life which would, in turn, make him live a normal life. We also find in the novel about the black man Crooks who do not drastically change throughout the story in that he lives away or distance himself from other people by residing in a harness room. Crooks had been Isolated and degraded to the extent of Curleys wife verbally assaulting him. He ends up living a lonely life as none of the characters tend to change their attitude or opinion towards him (Steinbeck & Peters, 2013).

Concept of love

On the other hand in Rain man movie, the characters drastically change and also develop and hence this does not portray loneliness unlike in the novel Of Mice and Men. For example, from the beginning of the story, this is evident since Charlie is ignorant and also narrow-minded when it comes to thing about Ray who has a disability. As the story progresses, Charlie changes his thinking about Rays mental disability and also perceives it differently. Ray has changed Charlie's way of life and thinking. Charlies character continues to develop and be affected by the condition of Ray which makes him be tolerant and compassionate. Love and friendship grow between these two. The two cannot be used together due to this difference that exists between the characters used in them (Hoffman et al., 2015).

We find in the film Susanna who a minor character is showing significant changes towards Ray. When she is first introduced to Ray, she shows her kindness only because she wanted to maintain the peace that existed between the two brothers. But as the movie continues she changes her attitudes and the affection that she shows Ray is out of her heart and free not a forced love.

In conclusion, the Rain man is an appropriate movie that can be used to accompany the novel Of Mice and Men. We find the characters the author used in the film they continue to develop as it starts until to when it ends. They are also loving and compassionate to each other unlike the characters Of the Mice and Men who are lonely which is contributed by the fact that they dont develop.


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