Argumentative Essay on Cell Phone Use in Classroom in College

Published: 2021-06-30
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Argumentative essay
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Use of phones in the classroom is something most teachers do not like yet it has many benefits to both teachers and students. Most teachers think that students with cell phones in class use them for non-educational purposes like texting and reading social media updates. Hence they struggle with students who have cell phones in classrooms assuming that phones should be eliminated in school which is not true. With the new advancement in technology, educators and other people should adapt to change. Therefore, students should be allowed to use cell phones to better their studies in an easy and a convenient way. Colleges should come up with rules to prevent students from wrongly using cell phones during class time instead of completely burning the use of cell phones in the classrooms. An example of a policy could be, getting fines from students who are found texting or doing nonacademic stuff during class time. The teachers also could walk around and supervise the students to make sure they adhere to the set rules. It is time a friendly environment is created for students where they can be able to incorporate modern technology and learning using the most affordable gadgets, phones. With almost every student in the college having a smart phone, we could focus on the positives of using a cell phone in the classroom.

Use of mobile phones in the classroom in colleges is splendid and helpful to students in their academics. Firstly it improves the learning of students. Students can access instantly latest statistics and information on the subject they are studying by using their phones. Therefore the cell phones ensure that the students are always up to date with the most current information in their field of study. Also, they can look up on the internet for terms they did not understand and be able to learn more. Students can also use the cell phones to communicate with other students on clarification of academic related matters. Also with cell phones, the students can have digital textbooks. With cell phones, the students will be able to access the books and notes anytime. Digital books are very convenient and are usually regularly updated meaning that the students will have access to up-to-date information. The digital books are also cheaper than the printed books hence affordable. They are easy to carry around unlike the hardcopy books hence its right for a student to have and use cell phones in the classroom. Cell phones can also be used as research tools for class projects and group work. Cell phones help students to do their home works in class, on their way home and even at home. Cell phones also enable students to have easy access to their emails and communications from the office. Also with cell phones, students can set reminders about classes, assignment deadlines and group works. Cell phones can be an excellent educational tool for both the teachers and students. When students have cell phones, it means the teacher will not be answering so many questions from the students because the students can just search from the internet. The students will be more independent because they can learn things by themselves. Also, the cell phones have many educational applications like the calculator and dictionary. These applications can help the students in their studies.

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