Argumentative Essay on Abortion Among Underage Girls

Published: 2021-06-30
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Argumentative essay
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Abortion among underage girls gets construed as one of the most controversial topics which trend across the globe. The issue has presented serious controversy with various people arguing for or against it. Underage girls get argued to undertake abortion measures due to numerous reasons. Some of the reasons get founded on the affordability to raise the child, the impact which the result may have on the girls and the readiness of becoming a mother at a tender age among others. In the recent past, abortion got mirrored as a vice, and the assertion still exists to date. The depiction overrules the circumstances under which the person committing the abortion finds herself.

Some of the arguments brought forward to argue against the issue get noted on the risk of the life of the person. Abortion subjects the life of the girl into a risky situation and may even result in death. There also exist chances of bladder injuries especially if the uterus of the girl is perforated. The result of the situation may lead to a condition known as peritonitis. There also exist other effects of future pregnancies; the girl may bleed for the first three months in the case of a future pregnancy. The person may equally have complications in delivery hence leading to surgical interventions. The baby who gets given birth to my equally possess three times chances of dying especially in the first four months of life. Lastly, the baby may also be of a lesser weight contrary to the average weight. The portrayed justifies the reason why there exists severe criticism on the issue of abortion since many people mirror it to possess adverse effects in spite of age. Religious groups also view the subject as a vice which goes contrary to one of the Biblical commandments that do not allow murder.

The controversy comes to light through the consequences of abortion to the girl. Underage girls may still be at school or have just concluded their primary or secondary education. The pregnancy may, therefore, compromise their academic life or even subject them to a state of disregard and disrespect among their peers. Keeping the pregnancy may thus mean losing their dignity as perceived by them amongst their peers and compromising their academic life. As noted earlier, they may also lack the necessary knowledge and skills of proper child care. The depicted may lead to irregular child development under their care which may also affect the child negatively.

In consideration of the arguments presented, I would argue for the issue since the underlying demerits are issues which may call for medical interventions and may get taken care of before they escalate and affect the girl. For example, an underage girl who had committed an abortion earlier can always stay closer to the doctor in the case of another pregnancy to avoid complications. On the other, hand, the effects of keeping the baby at an early age are those that get irreversible. Once the academic life of the underage girl gets compromised, she may find it difficult to redeem herself academically thus ending with a miserable life. The child's development may also get compromised due to lack of proper care which may offer emotional and psychological effects. The result may get noted on a destroyed future for both the child and the young mother.


In summary, abortion among underage girls gets depicted as a controversial topic across the globe due to the effects which it offers. In the same light, further controversy gets revealed on the impacts of keeping the baby to the underage girls as already depicted. I, therefore, argue for the subject among underage girls to save their future instead of a future coupled with double tragedy of misery as noted.

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