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Published: 2021-08-15
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Sewanee University of the South
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I am applying for the chemistry course at the university since it is my favorite subject. I find science exciting and fascinating making me believe that studying it at the university level will make me gain. My love for science began during my childhood the feeling I have had to date. All forms of medicine fascinated me, but the most attractive part of it was the projects. The science projects gave me a unique joy that grew with time. The workings of chemistry and mathematics have always inspired what encouraged to pursue chemistry course in this institution. Chemistry usually involves a lot of math what has made me choose this path. In as much as mathematics is quite challenging, there are undoubtedly many ways one can reach the answer making it enjoyable. Following the history of this university on science courses, I believe I will gain a lot and sharpen my skills by the end of my studies.

While at the community college, I spent most of my time in the lab engaging in various projects that ran there. Chemistry involves a lot of experiments whereby the student spent the better part of their studies in the laboratory. I have come to love working in groups while carrying out a project where team members share ideas on how to carry out these tasks. While carrying out projects at the community college lab, I came to interact with some new methods that I have never encountered before. I would be pleased if I can learn the theoretical aspects of these new techniques my chemistry course.

For the past four weeks, I have been working on a one-month project here at the community college. The project is on organic chemistry one of my favorite topics in chemistry. This project involves working on the synthesis of catenane with the combination of pseudorotaxanes the intermediary. We are a group of six working on this project and aiming at winning an award at the end of it all. In all the projects I have taken part, 60% of them were satisfied with the others being average.

I enjoy working as a group what every student intends to study chemistry should be ready for once they join college. Chemistry is about innovation and application of information to new areas. It also involves things better than before meaning improving the work that has already been done. It all requires a team where the members share different views regarding a given project. Contribution to a group work is what I love the most since I usually love it when the project succeeds with my input in place. Most students fear giving ideas thinking it may not be the right one. I encourage them to whatever they have in mind with others for nobody knows the answer. We are all learners and eager to come out with the best results hence everyones idea is treated as the best. That kind of mentality has helped me guide most of my group members back in high school, and I believe it will be useful once I join the university. Encouraging one another has always made my team come out the best in all projects. I look forward to accomplishing my dreams in your institution following the quality of education you offer hence become the best chemist in the market.

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