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Published: 2021-08-16
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The HR handles many designated functions in an organization. Some of these functions include the provision of labor compliance, record keeping, relational help, dealing with specific performance, compensation, and hiring and training. These functions are of utmost importance in that without their fulfillment the organization would have problems meeting critical needs of the management and staff. Since Nakilat Company in Qatar was established, it has adopted advanced technology in all operations (Nakilat, 2015). The HR utilizes futuristic cloud-based technology for the enhancement of the production and streamline various functions such as recruitment, selection, performance management and collaboration across the company. The managing director Eng. Abdullah Al Sulaiti explains that the company understands and appreciates the essence of employees as critical assets in the company (Nakilat, 2015). In Qatar, it was the first company to launch a full suite of talent management tools. This was focused on the improving recruitment and selection, talent retention and employee development. These would be used to empower and innovative systems for the effective decision-making process.

Recruitment function of the HR entails the identification of the sources of human resources and stimulation for the application of vacancies in an organization. Selection, on the other hand, can be described as the process of choosing the best candidates among those who were recruited. The company believes that proper recruitment and election will result in the achievement of more efficiencies. That is why the HR uses the latest technology in these functions. For the improvement of the HR functions and alignment with the growing employee-base, the Nakilat HR has launched the SuccessFactors Talent Management (Nakilat, 2015). The utilization of the latest technologies means that Nakilat will have the best talent for successful recruitment and selection.

What are the main tools/techniques used to implement the HR function?

Companies are acknowledging that the most critical asset to an organization is its people. The quality, productivity, satisfaction of customers and company image are all dependent on how well the staff is trained, coordinated and motivated (Peteiro, n.d). Is the HR functions do no appropriately manage the people, many problems may arise and negatively affect organizational performance. Changes in the initiatives in companies must formulate the appropriate direction and leadership focused on continuity.

For Nakilat Company, Qatar, there has been the implementation of various tools appropriate for the implementation of HR function in the organization. First, there is SuccessFactors HCM which is a technology to improve the productivity of the employees. The use of this tool ensures that the company can appropriately recruit, select, management performance and collaborate the HR functions across the company and all others ventures (Peteiro, n.d). It provides the most advanced solution necessary for the HR to have full visibility in the recruitment and selection and development of the staff (Human Resources, 2005). It will also be critical in harnessing appropriate information which will help in the achievement of goals of boasting employees that are highly educated. There is also the promotion of healthy and safe workforce in addition to having employees that are highly motivated. Another tool that was employed in the inclusion of an intensive advanced set of tools for data analysis concerning the various employee metrics (Human Resources, 2005). For instance, it would help in measurement of the performance of the human resources. This would provide appropriate information on areas of the company that needs to be reinforced through recruitment and selection, training, motivation and appraisal among other HR functions.


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