Analysis Essay on The Monkey's Paw and Forever

Published: 2021-06-23
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The monkeys paw is a tale about a sergeant major who had visited the White family from India. He gives the white family a chance to make three wishes then he goes ahead and show them the paw and tell them that there is a dangerous consequence to anyone who uses those wishes. Moreover, after their first wish the family lost their son, during their burial the family wished their son to return, and after a while they approached the paw and wished their son to be away since they knew that after ten days the body would have rotten. In the series Forever is about a Chosen one whom she alone can stand against the vampires and she has the power to fight the vampires with the help of his close friends. There are both the positive and negative comparison between the two genres.

In both, there was foreshadow of what will happen as a result of the choices that were made. The White family had been told in this story that there as a bad cons eques that was to happen ahead they were given an example that the first owner of Paw ended up wishing for death. The sergeant also warns the family about the bad consequences that would happen he goes ahead and tells them not to blame him for the results of what might happen. In Forever Dawn is warned about bringing back Joyce since it was not necessary to interfere with the natural order of things, but Dawn was angered when told that. When Dawn seemed unstoppable with his intention to perform the curse, he was told what his mother does not agree with the spell of bringing back Joyce but Dawn went ahead and plucked out her mothers hair and told the doc that her mother had a strong DNA.

There was suspense viewed in both the essays. The stranger took long pauses while he was talking, and the stranger decided whether or not to knock on the door this was because he was unsure of how to tell the whites. The other suspense in this book is that when Mrs. White was fumbling with the locks Mr. White shouts at her and warns her not to open the door they then go ahead and searched for Paw to make their final wish. The comparison suspense that was viewed in the series Forever.

Conflict is another main point that was seen between Forever and The Monkeys Paws. The conflict was seen between Morris and Mr. White when he reminded Morris about the story he had told him about the strange monkeys paws he had bought from India that had been bewitched and was able to grant three wishes nevertheless Morris was reluctant to give them the paw. Mr. White had self-conflict when he realized the risks of his son coming back after ten days since his burial, and he then wished his son be dead again. In Forever Dawn had a conflict with Tara since Dawn wanted to break the law of nature when he wanted to bring her mother back.

The conclusion of both reviews suggests that there is a limitation of personal expectation between them and because or the wrong choices that were made. The comparison between the essays concludes that it is important to note the results before attempting something.


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