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Published: 2021-07-08
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The purpose of My Health Project is to help in the eradication of poverty and hunger among the lower and middle-class citizens by raising the minimum wage.

Project Significance

My Health Project intervention ensures a rise in living standards of peoples health by the month of June 2018.

Brief description of the evaluation methods

Population health is a societal problem that faces two main social classes in the society. These two societies are the middle class and the lower class. Population health is impacted by biological, social, political, cultural, environmental and behavioral factors. Biological factors refer mostly to genetic compositions of people that lead them to have health related problems. Social impacts on individuals health include the education, income, and occupation of an individual.

People earning less income are likely to suffer from health related problems compared to those who earn adequate salaries. An individual has to have the required skills required to earn real income. The latter can only be achieved if the person got a good quality education. The environment impacts on population health through the air that we breathe the quality of water individuals consume and the neighborhoods that people stay. Polluted air is likely to cause health problems to people living there. Human beings personal behavior can also affect their health. These actions include exercising, the diet that they consume and drug and substance abuse. People who do not use are likely to become obese. Obesity causes diseases such as stroke and high blood pressure.

To curb the health problems in the community, my Health Project focuses on the SMART economic and political strategies that will be used to lessen poverty levels. When the debt levels are eradicated, most of the health problems experienced will go down. The government needs to put up a law that raises the minimum wage earned by its citizens. The minimum wage being made currently does not succeed in fulfilling the human beings basic needs. As a result individuals with fewer job skills continue to live poverty even if they have a source of earning a living. In the 1960s a permanent employee with a minimum wage could raise a nuclear family out of poverty. If the minimum wage was increased since then till today to about $10.10 per hour about 4 million citizens are likely to survive poverty. Hunger or diseases a collateral damage is eradicated in the process.

It is essential to note that if the process of raising the minimum wage is not well planned for before it is implemented, it will be impossible to completely eradicate poverty. My Health project will ensure a thorough research on the ideals of living wages required for the health, competence and general well-being of the employees within the context of national commercial and social growth goals. The latter is to ensure that the increased wage will provide a change in the living conditions.

In addition to raising the minimum wage, my other intervention would be to urge the government to avoid National Debts. This awareness is compelled by the fact that national debts lead to a high maintenance economy and even with the raised minimum wage there will still be rampant poverty. My Health Projects advocates for a reformed criminal justice system. This is because when guardians are locked away for an extended period the children left behind are likely to struggle to make ends meet.



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