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Mulan is a female character with a real notable figure in Walt Disney Pictures' 36th animated film Mulan in the year 1998 and Mulan II 2004. A Chinese-American Ming-Na Wen provides with Mulan's speaking voice, while Filipina vocalist Lea Salonga gives the character's performing voice. Robert D. San Souci produced this film regarding the Chinese legend fighter Hua Mulan in the poem of the Ballad of Mulan. Mulan discovers that her lame father is to be sent to the armed force with a specific end goal to battle the attacking Huns. She knew that he could never survive in the war in his poor health, she chooses to impersonate herself and participate in his place. However, her precursors were aware of her plans and to stop her, they sent a dragon, Mushu, to force her to end the mission. When the dragon meets Mulan, he discovers that she cannot be discouraged thus chooses to help her in the unsafe circumstances ahead. In this paper, I will explore ways in which Mulan went against social norms in the Disney movie.

Mulans Masculinity and Femininity

In the film, Mulan's father is shown as old and lame however he is not fit for the battle against the Huns who were invading China. Mulan decides to impersonate and replace her father in the army. Mulan propagates male predominance in sexual orientation pairs regardless of its implicit guarantee that character does in certainty move past sex. Today, men are still held in a better position in regard than females. The shrouded message is, Mulan can just do what she is capable of under the appearance of a man. She is a masculinized female legend who trains how to fight like a man so as to have an effect despite the fact that women are not highly given support in this film. In Mulan's culture, the contrasts between the high activities done by either men or women are entirely different. In the song, Honor to Us All, other single ladies dresses and set up like princesses to impress husbands. She dramatically fans herself as she tries to inspire the matchmaker but her predecessors still cling on her shoulders. However, driven by her choice to join the armed force, she gets through generalizations and brings honour to her family by being masculine.

In the training camp, Mulan was given challenge by the different traditional masculinity characters. These signs were entirely divergent from the cultural femininity she had with the matchmaker. According to the song, "I'll Make a Man Out of You" there is a message it sends with its masculinized title and the way it depicts Mulan. Shang challenges his trainees thought that abruptness and weak social propensities determine their manhood. For instance, Mulan seems more a woman when she falls and humiliates herself during the beginning of the training enhancing Shang to sing, "Did they send me daughters/ when I asked for sons? In real life, women cannot deal with the difficult undertakings like a male officer. However, Mulan did her best to overcome the impediments and lastly to substantiate herself to be a man, Ping being his new name. Fierceness and masculinity take control. Mulan's feminine body character changes and appears remarkably bigger and stronger. He was ready to fight the Huns. A character's capacity, therefore, shows after depicting his gender. Sexual orientation generalizations should be avowed instead of being challenged. Mulan, now using the name Ping exceeds her companions on each errand by even figuring out how to get the arrow from the wooden post in the focal point of the camp, a task that none of the greater leaders and many other soldiers do achieve to work out.

Mulans Behaviour in The Disney Movie

The firm shows the qualities of a woman the society adores. Mulan has the strength to fight, and she is attractive too. She is highly contributing to her community rather than getting married according to what her family wanted. She sets a good example in the movie, Mulan does not carry out her training to end up being a noticeably decent fighter, but all she wants is to become a pioneer. She creates functional abilities in battle and also in her survival. For example, Chi Fu, the Emperor's instructor discloses to Captain Li Shang that his troops are not ready for the battle. Nonetheless, Mushu composes a fake letter to Chi Fu. The letter instructs the soldiers to go to the forefront finding that the Huns have obliterated the Supreme armed force. Li Shang's troops run after the invaders and Mulan devastates the Hun's armed force by terminating a gun at the mountain. This action shows that she is a capable warrior by playing out each physical exercise. She knows her obligation is to both battle and lead. Mulan clearly knows that she has little strength than the all the other soldiers. This knowledge makes her train hard to enhance her abilities and also to succumb the obstacles.

Social Reflection in the Disney Movie

The Disney film has given us a display of sexual orientation, race, class, and social foundation all through our childhood life. Women are perceived as the elegant sovereign who depends on her man to safeguard her. They are also considered to have no power over the resolutions they make. For instance, in the song, "I'll make a Man Out Of You," demonstrates Mulan attempting to match a male character. Nonetheless, she is not as strong as the other men as well as skilful. According to her actions, women in the society are motivated that, they can accomplish great missions and also do better than men. Mulan can most unquestionably enable groups of audiences to seek their liberty because of the standard societal models in the film.

In life, there might be single parents raising children on their own. Many people doubt that a woman can completely replace the role of man and support her family without the children feeling the absence of the other parent. This film show different roles males and females can play in the community. Nonetheless, the way Mulan chose eventually to wind up being a boy and supplant her dad appeared to propose that maybe these standards of being a woman were simply desires and practices held by her family and society which implied that some decisions were adaptable in several situations. Apparently, when Mulan is forced to exit the army after her gender is disclosed describes situations where in some countries, single parents are described as incomplete and are kept out from policies like tax relief.


Disney established Mulan to represent a modern and independent woman. The definitions of male or female have no implication in today life. Nevertheless, the best way to maintain your independence is by being strong as a man.

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