Analysis Essay on Barefoot in the Park

Published: 2021-07-02
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The genre of the barefoot in the park playwright on page 22 is a comedy, and the reason why it is a comedy is that Corie tries to solve the situation by bringing in a comedy about the hole in the ceiling, which as Paul indicates, has made his lips to be chapped by the wind. Paul even likens the hole to be too big that the only way to make it right is by having a helicopter drop something above the house. Corie makes another funny comment when she says that she will call the weather bureau to know what the weather will be like that night. This is a situation where the characters use comedy to lighten a serious situation because having snow in ones house is serious even for a night as it will be freezing.

The exposition in page 32 is that which we are told that Paul leaves the bedroom, crosses to the ladder, and climbs. The other exposition is when we are given explanations of the mother turning to the door, opens the door, looks in, and then closes the door. The other explosion is the place where the mother we are told she sees the refrigerator and the stove and acts in horror. The purpose of these expositions in this section is to show the audience how the mother reacted to the living situation of her soon without actually acting them out. She acts horrified as we are told when she sees the kitchen to show the son that she disapproves. On the other hand, the exposition that Paul crosses over to the ladder is just to be able to show his mother that he can get to the closet despite the other believing that the living condition was not appropriate for her daughter to be living in. These expositions give us insight also, as to how the house was tiny.

The conflict in page 33 is between Corie and Paul as they argue between letting the mother go because it is late and because Paul did not want her there anyway and Corie insisting on the mother taking a drink of scotch. The conflict is resolved when Corie insists despite the silent argument they had with Paul at the ladder until she convinced the mother to stay for at least one drink. This conflict is used by the author to show us how there is constant conflict in marriage and how one person can win by being insistent.

In page 34 the climax is when Paul decides to go and get the Scotch, and the mother calls him in for a hug and then tells him to button up his jacket so that he does not feel cold. The embracing of Paul shows a way with which the conflict was solved instead of there being an outburst, which is usually the common climax in plays.

Page 35 shows the denouement when Corie and her mother have a sincere talk about her not having let her mother help, and they resolve this situation by the mother explaining that she is proud of hers and Pauls achievements. This then indicates the end of the conflict of the mother not having approved of her house living situation. Corie says that it is something she wanted to do on her own so that she does not depend on her mother as she has always done since she was little.


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