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Published: 2021-08-04
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It is found in Central Alaska where it stretches over six hundred miles.

It has a shape that resembles a crescent moon. The Alaska ranges from the boundary that separates the South Central Coast from the interior of Alaska. In the intervals, we have the famous Denali Mountain as well as the Denali Park and Reserve. The Mountain occupies only a small part of the range.

When compared with other mountains like the Himalayas, Rockies, and Andes, Alaska Range is the smallest as it is characterized by a small collection of mountains.

Although it is not very long as compared to the other mountains its wildness, ruggedness, and beauty has no close competitor

However, the Alaska Range has abysmal weather as compared to other mountains that are outside Antarctica.

The Alaska Ranges continues to grow as it straddles along the Denali Fault Line that continues to push them upwards.

It is divided into three; The Eastern Alaska Range, Central Alaska Range, and the Southern Alaska Range.

Eastern Alaska Range

It begins at the end of Wrangell Mountains, at the Canada Border. It is the largest among the three. It has several subsets that start with the Nutzotin Mountains. It hosts most of the rugged mountains, including the famous Mount Deborah. The main sub-ranges are the Delta Mountains and the Hayes Range Field, C. B., & Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (2012). managing the risks of extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation: Special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. New York: Cambridge University Press.. The beautiful Delta River, sprouts as a wild and scenic river and it divides the Eastern Alaska Range.

Central Alaska

It is the home of the most significant mountain in North America, Denali Mountain. It attracts numerous tourists that come to view its Northern foothills to see its Northern face and the wildlife under its shadows. Other visitors come to climb from around the world to rise Denali and have hundreds of different smaller and technical peaks that make up the Denali Massif.

Southwest Alaska Range

It is not clear where these ranges end. Some think that the Revelation and Hidden Mountains marks the end as they crash behind the Chigmit volcanic and Todrillo Mountains of the Aleutian Range. Some include to Todrillo Mountains to form part of the Southern Alaska. It occupies majorly the Denali National Park and Reserve.

It's influence on Human Activity

Transportation and infrastructure impacts

There is a substantial presence of permafrost thaw and disruptions to freeze-thaw cycles. This causes damage to the transportation infrastructure including railroads, airstrips, and highways. It leads to the uneven sinking of the ground that responds to permafrost thaw that damages the transport systems thus disrupting the movement of goods and people.9 Integrated Resource and Environmental Management: The Human Dimension, 2005)


Eighty percent of Alaskas surface lies above permafrost. Permafrost remains frozen for long. As the permafrost thaws, ice that results from the melting permafrost that causes the soil to sink, this affect the entire surrounding thus making it impossible for any economic activity to thrive.


The adverse changes in climate in lakes, plant composition, ponds, and wetlands, it results in changes in lake sizes, some shrinking. This adversely affects the ecosystem that harbors in the waters. Lakes get smaller through evaporation that is caused by warmer temperatures that melt the permafrost.


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