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Published: 2021-08-18
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What Factors Contributed to your Decision to Apply to a Prestigious All-girl School on Behalf of your Daughter?

I must start by stating that the decision about where my daughter should go to school was very personal and challenging at the same time. The reason is that I was looking beyond the local public school in my area and thinking about what will work best for my daughter's personality, needs, strengths, and interests. Therefore, after great consideration, I settled for this prestigious all-girl school because I believe it has all the facilities and things that my daughter needs to achieve the best at the end of the period she will be here. Secondly, the school mission is amplified by parental involvement at all times which will allow me to carefully monitor my daughter's progress at every step of the way.

What Role do you envision for yourself within the School's Parent Community?

In essence, I envision myself as an active member of the Parent Teachers Association that is primarily aimed at assessing teachers performance. The organization will also focus on finding ways to improve the life of the students in the school and even in other areas such as academic, cultural, ethical, and social areas of the students. However, it is worth mentioning that I will be more interested in the taking to account the welfare and education of all the students in the school.

What are your Daughter's Greatest Strengths?

Over time, my daughter has been an exceptional athlete in track, field, and competitive cheer. I can say that she is a born athlete who never disappoints. Additionally, she is outstanding in grammar and especially spelling. She also follows verbal directions creatively. For this, she likes putting different things together to create projects. I can simply say she is very creative with whatever she does at all times. She is also a focused girl who fights to achieve whatever she sets her mind to attain.

What Values are most important to your Family and how do you Share them with your Daughter?

First, I am a Christian, and I have taught my daughter to believe and only trust in God at all times. As an African American girl, I have taught my daughter that honesty, obedience and loyalty are the most important values in a person. I have also taught her that self-respect and respect for other people are essential during her interactions with people of all ages. Lastly, I have taught her that handwork and determination in whatever we do whether in class; in the field or any other area of our lives keep us at the top even when other people look at us as an inferior race.

What are your Educational Goals for your Daughter?

I want my daughter to be a well-rounded person who is successful in all areas of her life. I want her to learn how to use different resources around her effectively. Additionally, I want her to understand herself much better both in the classroom and outside of class. Lastly, I want to see her creativity, courage, passion, and perseverance grow daily through her interaction with other girls, teachers, and other staff in the institution. I also want to see her graduate to the next level and become a successful and productive member of the society.


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