Admission Interview: Henderson Collegiate

Published: 2021-07-01
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What makes you passionate about middle grade and high school English?

I have always wanted to make a difference in childrens lives. Middle grade and high school is a stepping stone for their future life and career. At this stage, it is important to spark the students interest in English. My passion comes from knowing that they are using the knowledge I give them throughout their lives. The fact that without good language skills it will be hard for them the entire life is undeniable. What can be better for a teacher than to see their students progressing? Middle grade and high school students tend to use improper language, and so, they require a good teacher who also becomes their guide and leads them in the right direction. . I claim to have other important assets: I am honest, I am used to discipline and getting things done, I like to take the challenge. The teachers position is very important for executing my career goals and deepening my professional outlook.

What is it about Henderson Collegiate, specifically, that has drawn you to apply to our program?

Henderson Collegiate is one of those reputable public schools which has brought considerable changes to the community. I have always wanted to teach in a school whose system does not just emphasize on just passing exams but also helps the students to apply what they have learned in class in the outside world. Henderson Collegiate seems to share this belief as it offers laborious, core college-preparation courses for purposes of preparing students for college. I would like to work in an environment which brings real change in students life especially when it comes to learning English. Henderson Collegiate offers a diverse environment for students from different backgrounds meaning that the school may have students who are struggling with English. I am looking to teach those children, and show them how beautiful the language is and help them to communicate better not only with their peers but also in their future professional endeavors.

What are the approaches involving the concept of scaffolding?

Scaffolding involves splitting the study into bits and then offering a structure or tool, with every bit. For instance, when reading, the teacher may briefly discuss the text and deliberate main vocabulary, or portion the reading and then read and deliberate on it as they go. There are many approaches that a teacher can use and they include pre-teaching the vocabulary whereby, the teacher introduces words to students in pictures or in framework with things they understand and are drawn to. The teacher can use metaphors and analogies, and invite them to form a symbol for each.

The second strategy involves, pausing, asking questions, pausing, and reviewing the questions. This is a remarkable way of checking for comprehension while students engage in reading a portion of complex text or acquire a new content. The teacher requires designing the questions in advance and ensuring that they are guiding, specific, and open-ended. Teachers should keep students engaged by tasking someone to provide the idea of what was questioned or discussed.

Another strategy of scaffolding is giving students time to discuss. All students require time to internalize new information and ideas. They also require time to vocally internalize and express their learning with the environment of students who are involved in similar journey and experience. Structured discussions work well with students despite their level of progress.

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