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Published: 2021-07-27
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Admission essay
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The business world is always changing particularly with changes in technology and the concept of globalization which has highly taken root. It can be perceived that the decision-making process in the modern day has to include a global view as a result of globalization. The changing business market also puts into the view the need for leaders who are versatile, initiative and exhibit the ability to lead others adequately and maintain the vision of any organization. Therefore, acquiring more knowledge in a business-related field is important to align with the changes. Acquiring an MBA can be viewed as beneficial for any individual who wants to understand the field of business and management in addition to making significant contributions in his or her area of interest. Therefore, I find it important to develop my professional skills and hence my interest in pursuing an MBA program.

My managerial responsibilities have changed and evolved throughout your career through the experiences that I have had in the workplace. I have learned the need for adequate leadership skills and ensuring that the work environment is conducive for all. I have also learned the essence of promoting quality work and ensuring that the clients and other stakeholders are adequately served. I view myself as a hardworking individual who is ready to make use of any new opportunities as long as they contribute to my professional growth and meet the needs of others as expected. I take an interest in networking with others and learning from them in addition to maintaining a good rapport with the people that I associate with. I believe that every person has knowledge and information that I may be unaware of and hence I always find it important to interact with new people. My career experience has enabled me to develop and improve my interpersonal skills. I align with the view that interpersonal skills are important not only in professional development but also in self-growth. I exhibit adequate listening skills especially in areas concerning conflict. I am also quite skilled in managing teamwork and collaborating with others to ensure that the desired goals are achieved. Furthermore, I always take corrections positively with the view that they allow me to identify areas that require improvement and therefore, work on them. I am certain that my interpersonal skills will highly apply in the program especially on collaborating with both the instructors and my classmates in addition to taking part in research. I also hope to take part in leadership opportunities that will enable me to make significant contributions to the institution.

An aspect that I highly value in management is integrating diversity in the workplace. My experience in interacting with people from various backgrounds and professions have significantly contributed to the development of my managerial abilities and skills. It is certain that due to multiculturalism and globalization, the work environment has become diversified. In other words, it is inevitable to experience diversity in the workplace. Diversity, in this case, puts into view aspects such as ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientations, religion, disability and any other factor that differentiates an individual from others. During my work experience, I have interacted from various backgrounds and learned the view that good managers are expected to identify some of the factors that require being put in the workplace to facilitate the accommodation of each employee. This may include a change in policies, holidays, rules on discrimination and so forth. The idea is to establish a conducive environment for each person. The issue of diversity highly applies to the institution due to the large numbers of students from various backgrounds. The members of the faculty are also diversified. Therefore, the institution provides a good platform for learning more about diversity and how I can apply it in my professional prospects.

Research is also one of my areas of expertise and also an area that I consider to have significantly contributed to the development of my managerial abilities and skills. I engaged in plenty of research activities during my undergraduate program, internship programs and in my places of employment. I learned a lot on research methodologies, rules associated with research such as participants confidentiality, and applying the research activity in real life situations. Therefore, I am certain that I have a good foundation on research and hence able to handle any coursework that requires research.

Community development is also another area that has allowed progress in the development of my managerial skills. The companies that I have worked it contained programs that focused on meeting the needs of the community in terms of cleaning the environment, promoting programs that deal with clean water and sanitation, planting trees, producing products that impose less effects on the environment, mentoring some individuals on starting businesses and providing internship programs to students within the community. The exposure enabled me to understand the ideology regarding corporate social responsibility and the reasons that drive companies to engage in meeting the needs of the community. The experience also allowed me to understand the essence of collaboration and teamwork in building the organizations brand through CSR. With the course content and other related activities in the MBA program, I am certain that taking part in an MBA program would be effective in improving the skills and abilities that I have on community development, integrating diversity into the workplace and research.

An MBA program is viewed to equip an individual with adequate managerial skills that are significant in dealing with issues present in the global business in addition to challenging oneself especially on the new segments that keep on developing in the market. The program is also efficient in the development of a bigger business network in the sense that it provides plenty of networking opportunities. Therefore, I expect that the program will contribute to developing and improving my managerial skills in addition to providing me with various opportunities to interact and share ideas with professionals in the field. I also aspire to become an entrepreneur in future and a coach for individuals with interests in the business arena and, therefore, I expect to acquire skills that enable me to achieve these visions. Furthermore, I hope to get more opportunities in research to allow me to apply the provided abstract knowledge to actual experiences.

It will be a great privilege to get an opportunity to pursue the MBA program at your institution. I believe that I have a solid foundation in taking part in the program particularly on my educational and work experiences. I am certain that I will acquire plenty of information and skills from the program, in addition, to perform excellently in both classwork and practical activities.

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