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Published: 2021-08-15
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A good student is cognizant of their limited knowledge and abilities. This way, one is always willing and yearning for information to fill the void of ignorance. In this light, one of the themes of the Psalms 119 is that of a teachable spirit (Patterson & Kelley, 2011). Individuals are put to task to examine their teachability on matters concerning the word of God. Specifically, this psalm was intended for the young as a manual for reverent thoughts. It probes the youth to think about the role of the word of God in their lives consequently bidding them to prioritize this word. Further, the psalmist affirms that Christians should have faith in Gods word (Patterson & Kelley, 2011). As such, it is relevant to discuss the applicability of Psalms 119 to ones faith and the contributions that it has on this course.

Psalms 119:41-48 majorly talks about a Christians faith and the lengths that they should go to defend it. Those that believe in Gods word are encouraged to proudly and fearlessly proclaim it (Scott, 1993, November). The opinions of people that favor earthly pleasures should not lead believers to backslide since conforming to sin is akin to slavery. The psalmist encourages believers that they should never be ashamed of their religion since it is only by keeping Gods law that one can be happy and free from sin. Further, these verses indicate that the perfection of ones faith is a work in process (Scott, 1993, November). Christians should derive pleasure in activities that are meant to serve God so that their resolve to remain faithful to him is strengthened. If they sin, believers should be encouraged by the fact that God is merciful and ready to forgive their mistakes and lead them to a righteous course.

In Psalms 119:42, the psalmist indicates that a Christian should trust entirely in the Gods word for them to reaffirm their faith whenever it is put to the test (Broyles, 2012). At no time should a Christian fail mirror, in their actions and words, the indwelling of Gods word. It is made possible only when one trusts in this word; without which one cannot trust in God. Psalms 199:49-50 indicates that Christians should have faith in God because he does not go back on his promises. The Lords memory is not subject to failure, and he cannot make those who believe in him to have faith without cause.

This course teaches one to have a teachable spirit and to value Gods word as the ultimate source of wisdom. In Psalms 119:97-104, the psalmist indicates that all real knowledge begins with God (Patterson & Kelley, 2011). A student who contemplates on Gods word advances to a point beyond that of their instructor. These verses are not meant to disregard the vital role that the secular instructors play in a students academic life. Instead, they emphasize the importance of spiritual discernment in addition to the notional knowledge.

All in all, I have learned that a good student learns from their mistake. As in Psalms 119:71, it is only through a test that I can identify my weakness. Also, I now understand that having faith in God should not be a source of embarrassment. In all my endeavors, I will ensure that I act I accordance with Gods word. My faith in God is stronger than ever because I know that he does not give false promises.


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