A Story of Survival: A Look Into the Face of Domestic Violence

Published: 2021-06-30
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Paying attention to physical, psychological and emotional feelings, how did you feel while listening to the victim recount her experience?

The ladies story was quit touching, sorrowful, lamentable and heartbreaking as well. I felt that if I were in a position to help her out, I would do so to make sure her life was not in trouble. Additionally, I would have helped her so that justice would be done upon her. She was treated in a manner that no human being deserved such a treat. First of all, her husband hit her on the head despite the fact that she was pregnant. On that awful night, she was traumatized to an extent that she went to sleep with her two daughters. Surprisingly, the sixteen year old lady is already married and had her first born at a very young age. According to me, she ought to be under the care of her parents, or rather her guardians. However, her dad used to mistreat her at her young age and so I want to believe that is the reason she opted for an early marriage.

Ironically, she reported the incident to the police but the police turned out to be so arrogant and harsh on her. They did not help her and they nullified her case and said she was lying and was not sure of what she was reporting about. I could tell it from her emotions that they took the advantage of her young age. I also tend to think that the young lady was so traumatized and stressed if the police or her own paternal father could not help her, yet they are the people who should be in the front line to help her.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that she reported the case to me and I assisted where I could. Apparently, the lady is living a better life with a new boyfriend who treats her with a lot of respect and care. For her pregnancy, I want to believe she did not miscarriage probably because of the psychological torture she had from her ex boyfriend.

In what ways did the criminal justice system help the victim?

It was sad when the lady reported to a police officer and failed to trust her because of her young age. Secondly, the police officer trusted the very husband who hit her head when he said that her wife was lying. They rendered the lady helpless. However, the lady did a recommendable action and reported to the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system natured the ladys negative thoughts in that even after being mistreated by her ex boyfriend, she accepted to date another boy. In addition, the criminal justice volunteered to take care of her two daughters and also to assist her in case she was in need. The justice system also helped to arrest the ex boyfriend for hitting her while she was pregnant. Finally, the justice system granted her a restriction order and a police officer would protect her in case she encountered her ex boyfriend.

What gaps in victim services did you observe? How did these gaps impact the patients outcome?

I want to strongly condemn the fact that a police officer dismissed the ladys awful incident. The lady was mistreated and when she reported to the police, they did not grant her any support or help. They did not even report the case to higher authorities, yet, this was a serious incident. All in all, the police officer ought to have seeked further assistance from a victim advocacy program which they failed to. The helpless lady revealed to us some of her worst incidents including being mistreated by her dad. If the police had taken the appropriate action, some of these incident would have not happened to her. Additionally, the childrens protective agencies also failed to take care of the little daughters who I believe were finding a hard time when their parents were fighting.

What, if any, victims rights were violated?

It is the right of every human being (especially women and children) to be treated with dignity. Nobody has the power to violate another persons rights, not even the local authorities. However, the 16-year old lady was mistreated yet she was pregnant. She was physically and psychologically tortured. In addition, the lady was denied her right to be protected by the law when the police failed to listen to her case. The two daughters were also denied a right to be brought up by their two parents because the lady got married to another husband.

As a victim advocate, list what services you would connect this victim with to improve her clinical outcome and why?

Suppose I was the victims advocate? I would connect her to guidance and counseling services with qualified and skilled psychologists so that she could share her thoughts with them. As a result, the psychologists would advice her and also would recommend the possible cure to her mental torture. In addition, I would connect her with active youth groups so that she could constantly involve herself with their activities. This would help her to keep her mind busy with constructive activities. Finally, I would connect the young lady to a childrens protective agency so that she could be in a position to learn the rights of children and also her rights as well.


Lecture 7-communicating with clients

Lecture 2-Victims Rights Laws in the United States

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