95 Project Management Research Paper Topics for College

95 Project Management Research Paper Topics for College

Have you ever imagined yourself being a successful project manager? The times when everyone admires you as a professional and wants to be like you can become a reality. Nevertheless, it is clear that proper skills will not come out of anywhere, and you should constantly improve them. The main goal you have to achieve is to figure everything out long before you start running a real project.

Writing research papers is an excellent opportunity to do so, and it is your chance to learn something new and utilize gained knowledge in practice later on. However, if you don’t know what project management ideas for students are really good and may come in handy, we offer you to take a look at our selection of topics. You’ll probably find something interesting that can help you broaden your knowledge and start working on your paper. We would like to provide you with a brief explanation of what project management involves. 

What Is Project Management?

In layman’s terms, project management is the process of leading the teamwork to achieve set goals regarding possible limitations and obstacles. It is aimed at utilizing principles, methods, and processes related to initiation, planning, executing, and managing new changes in a company or organization. Project management has several important elements:

  • the time needed to implement changes;
  • the budget on the performance;
  • the scope meaning work that should be done and factors that should be included;
  • the expected and achieved results.

All these components are basic, and if you need to do research, it is necessary to know much more. Nevertheless, we are aimed at providing you with engrossing ideas for a project management assignment, and there are several things we would like to remind you to do before you choose one. Firstly, it’s important to select among topics you really find interesting. Secondly, you should focus on your readers because their interests are involved as well. Thirdly, it’s better to choose one of the topics with lots of relevant sources and information on the Internet. These three elements combined together should help you find the topic that suits you the most.

Riveting Project Management Research Topics for College Students

  1. Project Risk Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  2. Proper Risk Identification: Potential Risks That Could Have Been Avoided.
  3. How Does the Us Government Support Enterprises With Project Management and Governance in the Times of COVID-19?
  4. A Classic Project Management Triangle and Its Modifications. 
  5. Project Life Cycle Models.
  6. The Role of Leadership in Project Management.
  7. The Project Scope: How to Define It, and Should It Be Adjusted Later On?
  8. Project Management in the Context of Behavior.
  9. Workflow Management: How to Organize Teamwork Without Problems?
  10. Investigating Project Management Success for Project-Oriented Business Organizations From the Perspective of Technical Capacity, Organization Structure, and Leadership.
  11. Project Managers and Their Roles.
  12. How to Manage and Schedule Projects?
  13. The Organizational Structure of Project Management: Mistakes to Avoid.
  14. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on PM.
  15. The Role of Budgeting in Tertiary Institutions Management.
  16. The Efficient Ways to Make a Project Successful.
  17. What Are the Main Career Opportunities Available to PM Managers, and What Are the Relative Merits of Each?
  18. Efficient Strategies to Mitigate Business Risks.
  19. Qualities a PM Head Should Have.
  20. Theories of Human Resource Management: Which Will Work Great in Practice?
  21. Main Prerequisites Helping a Team to Work Better and More Efficiently.
  22. Current Trends in Managing Projects.
  23. How to Minimize the Influence of COVID-19 on Organizations?
  24. The Role of Soft Skills in PM.
  25. How to Cope With a Crisis in a Project?
  26. The Impact of Stress on PM Performance.
  27. How to Divide Responsibilities Within a Team?
  28. Making Decisions: Is It Always Properly Planned?
  29. Improving Project Management Model – Implementing Support Factors Into Earned Value Management.
  30. Remote and Digital Teams and Their Role in PM.
  31. Efficient Techniques That Turn Companies Into Successful Ones.
  32. Portfolio in PM and Its Role.
  33. How Do Construction Corporations Handle Project Delays?
  34. Sponsor Responsibilities in Practice.
  35. How to Plan New Projects in the Marketing Industry?
  36. Is It Possible to Make a Project Successful if It Has a Clearly Small Budget?
  37. The Differences Between Process Groups and Project Life Cycle.
  38. Financial Management and New Project Ideas.
  39. The Implementation of Innovative Services and Their Impact on Customers.
  40. A Strategic Plan and Its Importance.
  41. Humanitarian Logistics and PM Principles.
  42. How Should an Effective Customer Service System Look?
  43. A Conflict Resolution in a Team.
  44. How to Select a Project: Key Factors to Consider.
  45. What Is the Role of PM Certifications?
  46. Hybrid PM Approaches: Are They Good Enough?
  47. Challenges of New Product Development.
  48. Management Maturity Factors and Their Importance for Big Companies.
  49. Do PM Soft Skills Make Projects More Successful?
  50. The Evolution of Managing Projects in the Context of COVID-19.
  51. The Influence of Communication on Managing New Projects and Achieving Goals.
  52. Conflict Management and Corporate Culture.
  53. PM Trends That Influence the Success Rate of Various Projects.

Best Research Paper Topics for Software Project Management in 2021

The industry of internet technology is growing drastically, and lots of companies are looking for professionals, including ones related to software project management. If you are interested in new technologies and believe that the IT industry is the right place for you, you should consider writing a paper that has something to do with your interests. Thus, let’s take a look at gripping topics.

  1. Key Factors for the Perfect Management of Data System Development.
  2. Main PM Differences Between Small and Medium IT Businesses.
  3. The Influence of Agile PM on Productivity in Software Development.
  4. Software Project Telemetry and Its Role in Improving Software Development Management.
  5. The Role of Crowdfunding in Developing New Software and Project Managing.
  6. The Role of Simulations in Learning PM.
  7. Software PM Methodology and Its Role in Satisfying Customers. 
  8. The Analysis of Critical Success Factors of Project Management on Global Software Development.
  9. An in-Depth Analysis of Assets in the IT Sector: A Case Study in (Name of the Company).
  10. PM in Gaming: Current Challenges and Mistakes to Avoid.
  11. The Impact of Culture on Performance in the It Sector.
  12. Analytical Hierarchy Process in the Context of Software PM.
  13. Current Trends in Software PM: New Challenges and Mistakes to Avoid.
  14. How to Make Software Successful in the Context of PM?
  15. Assessing and Monitoring Risks: Effective Solutions to Avoid Irrevocable Mistakes.
  16. PM and Software Development in the Financial Sector.
  17. Software PM in the IoT Sector.
  18. The Generic Agent Framework and Its Role in Maintaining PM Processes.
  19. Differences Between Agile and Scrum Approaches in PM.

Strong and Compelling Project Management Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation may be difficult because it involves substantial research and a lot of time to complete. You may face various hindrances, such as determining your purpose, coping with procrastination, having a lack of required information, handling stress, developing ideas and arguments, finding an ideal and quiet place to work in peace, or combatting uncertainty. This list may include whatever bothers you when it comes to writing such a massive paper.

One of the first things you should do is consider project management ideas good enough to become a topic. So, is it time to start thinking about your dissertation on project management, but you still don’t know what topic to select? Don’t worry, as we have lots of astonishing ideas and are pretty sure that you’ll find them interesting.

  1. The Initiation of a New Project Using the Example of the US Public Health Sector.
  2. The Impact of Employment Background and Social Media Usage on PM and Communication.
  3. The History and Evolution of the PM in the Agriculture Industry in Europe.
  4. Effective Resource Budgeting as a Key Factor in the PM.
  5. A Framework for Balancing Person-Centered Leadership and Team-Centered Leadership in Managers.
  6.  Differences and Similarities in Managing Policies Across the World.
  7. Management in Europe and Asia: A Retrospective View on Differences and Similarities.
  8. The Role of Managers in Assessing and Planning.
  9. Sustainable Development and Its Influence on the PM.
  10. A Deep Analysis of Stakeholder Approaches to PM.
  11. Different PM Methodologies in Europe and Their Role.
  12. The Role of PM Methodologies to Increase the Success Rates of Projects: A Review of Statistically Meaningful and Documented Evidence.
  13. Management Practices and Performance in NGOs.
  14.  Creation of New Ways of Managing in Non-Governmental Organizations. 
  15. The Competitive Advantage and Its Role in Dealing With the PM.
  16. The Evolution and Development of the PM in the US Construction Industry.
  17. The Best PM Practices in the US Financial System.
  18. Project Cost Control in the US Construction Industry.
  19. A Deep Analysis of the Relevance of Soft Skills in Employees.
  20. Critical Success Factors on Sustainability in Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.
  21. The US Gas and Oil Sector in the Context of PM.
  22. How to Prepare an Efficient Manager Able to Cope With Upcoming Risks?
  23. An in-Depth Analysis of Hospital Assets in the Public Sector: A Case Study of Hospitals in (Company’s Name).

Have you already selected an idea you are going to work on? If yes, you did the first step to writing an impeccable paper on project management, and there is no doubt that you can cope with it.