200+ Philosophy Essay Topics

200+ Philosophy Essay Topics

So, you need to come up with some philosophy essay topics and choose one for your paper. The subject itself is simple and difficult at a time, as the “love for knowledge” can be connected to nearly anything that humans see, think, and feel. Here below, you will find more than two hundred philosophy comparative essay topics, questions, dilemmas, and challenging concepts. Choose the one that suits you the most, explore philosophy essay examples, and use them as sources of inspiration, and then start crafting your top-grade paper.

Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

Let’s start with 50 philosophical argument topics. All of them are perfect for activating your logic, knowledge, experience, and intuition. It will be a great paper!

  1. Human nature: is a person evil or good by default?
  2. Free will: does it exist?
  3. How can religion and the belief in God change one’s personality?
  4. Evolutionists versus creationists: can the two creeds be compatible?
  5. Utilitarianism: what are its cons?
  6. Ethical and psychological egoism: benefits
  7. The origin of morals: society vs. culture
  8. What’s a moral fact? Do they exist at all?
  9. The technological progress and philosophy: should thinkers be involved in the process of tech development
  10. Moral rules and freedom of choice: can a person break morality to reach the common good?
  11. Person’s behavior explanation: the most suitable theory
  12. Morality: does it have a relation to one’s education level?
  13. Philosophical problems of genetic selection and engineering: should human genetic manipulations be banned?
  14. Voluntary euthanasia: reasons (not) to legalize it
  15. Moral side of abortion: when is it wrong?
  16. Death sentence legalization: who has the right to decide on life and death matters?
  17. Use of drugs without distribution: should it be allowed?
  18. Big Brother is right: reasons to justify public surveillance
  19. Cloning and philosophy: what is the main ethical problem behind clones?
  20. Is a person morally obligated to keep acting and speaking honestly?
  21. Cognition-enhancing drugs: should steroid substances be forbidden for athletes?
  22. Charity: is it a moral duty of a rich person?
  23. First world countries and the world’s hunger: are developed states’ leaders morally obliged to take actions to solve the problem?
  24. Democracy: is there a right for democratic governments to intervene in foreign countries with military forces and overthrow dictatorship regimes?
  25. Elderly centers: who should decide to place an elderly person there?
  26. Philosophy of modern cancel culture: is it ethically right to deny someone’s past achievements for the loss of public respect?
  27. Organ trading: should developed countries put efforts to counter covert organ market activities in the other states?
  28. Child labor: should products manufactured with it be banned?
  29. Is environmental care an obligation?
  30. Ethics behind animal circuses: to allow or to ban?
  31. Where is the edge between popularization and imposition?
  32. Child education problems of modern societies
  33. Animal skin and fur use: reasons to ban the entire fur industry worldwide
  34. The use of embryos for research: ethical problems of genetics
  35. Do rich people have moral duties before poor people?
  36. Moral norms versus public safety: ethical dilemmas of special forces
  37. Morality or benefit: what should determine a government’s foreign policy?
  38. Moral rules breakage: should a person be punished legally for their different morality and values?
  39. Is being a patriot a virtue?
  40. Online content offensiveness: how to determine what’s unacceptable to publish it on the web?
  41. Philosophy and ideology of modern feminism
  42. War and morality: is there a place for nobility in the middle of a firefight?
  43. Caucasian and African American conflict: do modern white people have any responsibilities before black people?
  44. What is ageism? Can it be considered a threat?
  45. Anti-discrimination policies: are they helpful for potential victims?
  46. Racism issues: where is the edge between equality and positive discrimination?
  47. Hate speech and freedom of speech: how to balance rights and moral values of hate speech conflict participants?
  48. Art censorship: can it be ethical and justified?
  49. Bitcoin ethics: a traditional money alternative or a finance laundering instrument?
  50. Ethics surrounding coronavirus vaccination: should public safety be prevalent over personal freedom of choice?

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

It seems that philosophical topics for essays are bound to be complicated. However, interesting philosophy paper topics can be easy to perceive. Though, that does not make them simple to explain. Check the list of 50 more concepts below.

  1. Philosophic understanding of arts
  2. Artificial intelligence: an instrument or a personality?
  3. Is it required to keep up with morals to stay happy and pleased?
  4. Nature of knowledge: does humanity get it by learning, evolution, or experience?
  5. What is personal power?
  6. Is it difficult to be happy with one’s life? Why?
  7. Genetics: can your genes define personality and behavior?
  8. Is the truth relative or absolute?
  9. What allows one’s life to have meaning?
  10. Things turning a person’s life into simple existence with no sense
  11. The role of death in the lives of personalities
  12. How the inevitability of death influences the civilizational development of humankind?
  13. Love: what is that?
  14. How would you define happiness?
  15. Is harmony required to live a full life?
  16. Power: what defines the level of a person’s powerfulness?
  17. Define total control and describe its advantages and disadvantages
  18. A perfect world: would humans be able to build utopia one day?
  19. A flawless society: does it need freedom or control?
  20. Describe how you understand eternity
  21. Isn’t freedom of choice harmful and risky?
  22. Anarchy: a perfect society or a civilizational apocalypse?
  23. Is it a person’s duty to keep up with the laws enforcing in the territory of their states?
  24. Should law and justice be treated as synonyms?
  25. Where is the border of ethics?
  26. Globalization: peace and order, or chaos and conflicts?
  27. What differs evil from good?
  28. Binary opposition: how does it affect humankind’s evolution?
  29. What is intelligence?
  30. Is it good to let religion participate in state politics?
  31. Euthanasia for people in vegetative state: cruelty or mercy?
  32. Abortion: arguments to support and criticize compared
  33. Moral values: are they subjective or objective?
  34. The interrelation of war and peace
  35. Social media and their effect on moral values of societies
  36. Can video games harm modern societies?
  37. When is it possible to justify the murder?
  38. Philosophy in psychology: what is subconsciousness?
  39. The IQ level: philosophy as one of the ways to boost it
  40. Beauty: how it influences humankind’s civilizational development
  41. Positive thinking: what differs optimism from self-delusion?
  42. Abortions: moral reasons for governments to allow the procedure
  43. Meritocracy: are there meritocratic countries in 2021?
  44. The future of humanity
  45. Who are we? Where do we go?
  46. Terrorism and torture: is it justifiable to torture a person for information if they are considered the source of terroristic threat?
  47. Parent responsibility: is it right to punish adults for immoral or illegal actions of their children?
  48. Old but gold: ways to close the generation gap
  49. An egg or a hen: what appeared first?
  50. What are the reasons for cruelty among humans?
  51. Suicide: an ultimate weakness or unbelievable strength?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Among all the concepts included in the list, the choice of research philosophy topics to write a paper on is the shortest. However, it does not make themes less interesting.

  1. The afterlife concept
  2. What does it mean to be?
  3. What is the mission of religion?
  4. Beauty standards: what defines them?
  5. Public responsibility: is it an obligation?
  6. Deconstruction theory explained
  7. Military service: should it be voluntary with no exceptions?
  8. State government organization: the philosophical approach
  9. What is common good?
  10. How Ancient Greek philosophers defined happiness
  11. Connections between literature and philosophy
  12. What is political philosophy, and how can politicians benefit from it?
  13. What defines truth?
  14. Free will: concept and definition
  15. The evolution of the philosophy of feminism throughout history
  16. What is public responsibility?
  17. The philosophical concept of hedonism
  18. Naturalism as a philosophy branch
  19. War and peace: is it important for humankind’s development to keep balance?
  20. Can war become an engine of moral progress?
  21. The influence of World War 2 on world philosophers
  22. War justification: who and how can justify massive acts of violence?
  23. Communism as a philosophical concept
  24. Values and ethics of communists during the civil war in Russia

Ethical Argument Topics, Funny Themes, and More Concepts

Finally, here is the mix of fun philosophy paper topics, ethical issues to discuss in a noble philosophic debate, and other ideas you might want to consider. The list consists of 75 topics, so there are more than enough ideas to choose from.

  1. Is it okay for a person to keep up with ethics just because of God’s will?
  2. Does a person need an understanding of moral values and duties to keep up with them?
  3. Ethical problems of warfare: do special forces operatives have the moral right to use deadly force on civilians to deny the risk of conspiracy loss?
  4. When should the government officials apply a death sentence?
  5. The moral side of prostitution: does it really conflict with any values?
  6. Animal blood consumption is (not) immoral
  7. Rich and developed countries carry moral responsibility before refugees worldwide
  8. Should a person have the right to end their life voluntarily?
  9. Space expansion is the only way for humankind to survive in a long-term perspective
  10. Child abuse and education: where is the border?
  11. Compulsory education should be canceled
  12. Plastic surgery should be used exclusively for healthcare reasons
  13. What gives a person the moral right to be aggressive?
  14. Journalism and ethics: all journalists are biased by default
  15. Medical ethics: what are its most urgent troubles?
  16. Xenophobia is a result of cultural misunderstanding
  17. Communism is a better alternative to capitalism
  18. Ethics in the workplace: a personal freedom limitation or a way to organize work and relationships?
  19. The impact of family on one’s ethical knowledge and behavior
  20. Should humankind develop common moral values and follow them worldwide?
  21. Ethics at school: how to educate children correctly
  22. What is business ethics?
  23. Ethics, law, and justice: how they confront each other
  24. What defines the morality of one’s behavior?
  25. Are morals needed for people to live happy lives?
  26. Racism: what is the reason for interracial conflicts to occur?
  27. Cruelty discussed: what makes a person behave cruelly?
  28. Does a sane person need morals and ethics?
  29. What defines sanity?
  30. What is the definition of insanity?
  31. Permanent happiness: is it possible for an individual in a current objective reality?
  32. What defines if something is right?
  33. What is an intrinsic good?
  34. Instrumental goods: how much should they matter in one’s life?
  35. Can instrumental goods make a person really happy?
  36. Ethics and money: when do moral values stand above potential profits?
  37. What’s ethical egoism?
  38. Does a goal justify means or dictate them?
  39. Free will: does a contemporary human have it?
  40. Religion is destructive for one’s will of cognition
  41. Warfare ethics: when can mercy prevail over effectiveness?
  42. Ethical problems of the use of UAV drones for war purposes
  43. Internet ethics: should it be standardized?
  44. Artificial intelligence development: should humans accept or destroy artificial mind if it appears?
  45. Medical care ethics: should doctors save all patients with no exception?
  46. What does it mean to be a good person?
  47. Should you forgive an intentional insult attempt?
  48. The influence of situational context on ethical norms
  49. Should science be limited by ethics and morals?
  50. What is the definition of common sense?
  51. Karl Marx’s philosophical concepts
  52. Does a falling tree make noise when nobody is in the forest?
  53. Can a human perceive the world as it is?
  54. Philosophy as a fundamental science
  55. The problem of the alien mind: will humans be able to understand extraterrestrial species?
  56. What is the origin of life?
  57. Plato’s main philosophical definitions
  58. How a person’s language determines their thinking
  59. Does God exist?
  60. What is nothing?
  61. Can kindness change the world?
  62. Can you feel happy?
  63. What makes your life good?
  64. What is the difference between kids and adults?
  65. How to define friendship?
  66. Can one person change the world?
  67. Does fate exist?
  68. What is the greatest problem of humanity?
  69. Will artificial intelligence be a threat?
  70. Would you like to become immortal?
  71. Is altruism real?
  72. Is the equality of possibilities a fact or nonsense?
  73. Can lies be for good?
  74. Why are people jealous?
  75. What makes you study?
  76. What is knowledge?


Those were over 200 good topics to write a philosophy paper on. In case you still fail to make a choice or just don’t want to deal with writing yourself for some reason, there is a solution. You can ask us for help.

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