200+ Law Essay Topics

200+ Law Essay Topics

If you've resorted to Google to find interesting legal topics to write about, you must be desperate. And that's understandable, given that the majority of topic lists make no sense and are totally useless. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and wasted a couple of weeks scouring legal publications and news articles to collect over 200 researchable and relevant ideas you can use as-is.

Good Law Ideas for Essays

First, we'll go over our collection of essay topics. These are perfect for shorter pieces that span no more than five pages, though some work just as well for research papers. We've split the list into sections to make your life easier. So skip to the section you're interested in, pick a topic, and get on with your writing. Besides, you can find free law essay examples on our website.

Business Law Essay Topics

  1. Business considerations of image and video face-covering requirements
  2. Shielding corporate assets from civil and criminal judgments
  3. Legal considerations of reopening businesses throughout the pandemic
  4. The implications of the Corporate Transparency Act for small businesses
  5. The consequences of CES's risk factor disclosure rules
  6. The legal basis of emergency declarations and shutting down the businesses
  7. The latest developments in health regulations and their effect on employers
  8. GDPR requirements for productivity tracking of remote employees
  9. SEC Whistleblower program results over the past year
  10. Reputational and legal risks of cybersecurity breaches for businesses
  11. Employment protection for patients using medical cannabis
  12. Legal challenges for businesses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic
  13. The legal and HR side of monitoring teleworkers
  14. The biggest corporate fines for GDPR non-compliance
  15. The legitimacy of requiring all employees to be vaccinated
  16. The potential ramifications of Biden's Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy
  17. Regulating non-compete clauses in employment contracts
  18. The potential of enforcing antitrust laws to combat harmful effects in labor markets
  19. SEC's priorities and enforcement approach to cryptocurrency regulation
  20. The risks of using face recognition software in retail businesses that fall under GDPR
  21. The advantages and disadvantages of going public for businesses of different scale
  22. Child privacy violation fine analysis across social media platforms
  23. Handling labor disputes between businesses and unions
  24. The legal grounds of employee demonstrations directed at neutral employers
  25. Analyzing the personal data that can be used for an employee background check across different states
  26. Regulations for protecting patients from surprise medical charges
  27. The differences between pre-money and post-money valuations
  28. Key legal considerations of patient acquisition
  29. The differences between types of mergers and reorganizations
  30. Employee challenges to retirement plan options and fees

Criminal Law Essay Topics

  1. The issues of wrongful convictions and the rehabilitation of the incarcerated
  2. The range of technologies used in criminal justice
  3. The restoration of voting rights for individuals with criminal records
  4. The use of video and audio calls in criminal proceedings during the pandemic
  5. Should the First Amendment be applied to threats posted on social media?
  6. The widespread adoption of Hate Crime legislation
  7. Restricting the employer access to the applicant's criminal history when making employment decisions
  8. Self-isolation-related criminal offenses in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic
  9. Cannabis legalization to stop the criminalization of drug use
  10. The repercussions of employer anticompetitive conduct in labor markets
  11. Regulatory framework for dealing with fake news and deep fakes
  12. The benefits of the environmental crimes voluntary disclosure policy to avoid prosecution
  13. The rise of domestic and international antitrust criminal enforcement
  14. The impact of the enforcement of federal criminal law on individual liberties
  15. The potential criminal liability for willful OSHA non-compliance
  16. An overview of the cryptocurrency-related criminal prosecutions
  17. The challenges of dealing with illegal immigration
  18. The consequences of the criminalization of non-consensual distribution of intimate images
  19. The downsides of California's new jury selection procedure
  20. The criminal liability of 'robocallers' under the DO NOT Call Act

Family Law Essay Ideas

  1. The unpredictability of relocation agreement cases in court
  2. The impact of Biden's administration tax plans on estate planning
  3. The guardianship law issues highlighted by Britney Spears' example
  4. The reliability of death certificates' cause of death for use in court
  5. Legal tools for protecting senior citizens from financial exploitation
  6. Workplace lactation room requirements evolution over the years
  7. The challenges of involving children in custody battles
  8. Courts to settle the dispute between divorced parents disagreeing on the child's Covid-19 vaccination
  9. The challenges of reopening divorce cases after settlements are signed
  10. The differences in state regulations regarding grandparents' custody rights
  11. The immigration struggles of US citizens and their foreign fiances
  12. An overview of the state and federal family leave programs
  13. The downsides of joint assets for obtaining Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification
  14. The value of antenatal testing for filing a birth injury case
  15. The purposes and limitations of the no-contest clause in a will
  16. The challenges of dividing retirement assets during a divorce
  17. The time limits for using gift and estate tax exemption
  18. The legal basics of challenging the decedent's competency to invalidate the will
  19. The criminalization of coercive control and the decrease in domestic violence
  20. The risks of funds misuse by the executor of an estate

Copyright Law Essay Topics

  1. The ramifications of Biden's Executive Order on Competition for healthcare sector patents
  2. Identifying patent damages in intellectual property litigation
  3. Issues raised by the termination right of the Copyright Act of 1976
  4. The importance of word selection for claim registration
  5. Due diligence considerations in patent acquisition
  6. The difference between trademark infringement and fair use with the purpose of parody or satire
  7. The increase in intellectual property rights charges over the last decade
  8. Recent developments in generic-dot-com terms eligibility for trademark registration
  9. The value of preliminary injunction in trade secrets litigation
  10. Unjust enrichment and unfair competition claims in the 'Case of the Stolen Ampersand'
  11. The legal differences between company names and trade names
  12. The state and federal regulations for business entity formation and trademark rights
  13. An overview of Covid-19-pandemic-related patents
  14. The financial ramifications of punctuation mistakes in patents
  15. The issue of pleading requirements for patent infringement cases
  16. Business risks of not signing a written agreement transferring the copyright ownership on a commissioned creative work
  17. The rise of social media copyright infringement cases against celebrities
  18. The benefits of the Unified Patent Court Agreement implementation
  19. The basics of the suspension of the name, image, and likeness (NIL) rules
  20. The scope and speed of implementation of the IP waiver for COVID-19 vaccines
  21. The requirements to prove ownership and copyright infringement for musicians and artists
  22. Creator's reputational and financial losses caused by the filing of lawsuits accusing them of infringement
  23. The difference between copying a creative work and getting inspired by it
  24. The wording in the patent: ranges inclusive or exclusive of the endpoints
  25. Fair use defense to copyright infringement cases becomes more narrowly interpreted by the courts
  26. The use of working and prophetic examples in patents
  27. Critical considerations for starting a patent program within the company
  28. The exceptions to assignor estoppel doctrine
  29. The challenges of antibody patenting
  30. The difference between a detailed description and an unnecessary disclosure in trade secret cases

Law Enforcement Essay Topics

  1. Responding to law enforcement demands for HIPAA protected information
  2. Recent law enforcement wins against cybercrime
  3. Finding the balance between anti-terrorism protection and privacy
  4. The challenges of prosecuting cybercriminals to prevent further attacks
  5. The roles of the target, the subject, and the witness of a federal investigation
  6. Law enforcement efforts to prevent Covid-19 fraud
  7. The legal framework for the private sector and law enforcement team up
  8. The abuse of facial recognition software by law enforcement agencies
  9. Balancing the sufficient cause for suspicion and privacy concerns when using facial recognition systems
  10. An overview of international anti-terrorism legislation providing law enforcement with access to personal data
  11. Human rights violations in the enforcement of quarantine measures across the globe
  12. The differences of white-collar law enforcement across recent administrations
  13. The challenges of anti-money-laundering compliance for businesses
  14. The challenges of Know Your Customer compliance for businesses
  15. The value of anti-corruption law enforcement for national security
  16. Ways to improve cross-agency coordination and communication through the use of disruptive technologies
  17. The cost of AML compliance and non-compliance for businesses
  18. The evolution of cryptocurrency regulations
  19. A data-driven approach for preventing healthcare fraud
  20. Analysis of healthcare fraud cases prosecuted under the False Claims Act
  21. Balancing privacy and foreign policy interests against national law enforcement needs
  22. Regulating law enforcement access to digital data stored abroad
  23. Access to the assets frozen by law enforcement
  24. Enforcing Covid-19 security measures and the abuse of human rights
  25. Food law enforcement statistics and analysis
  26. The risks of FTC law enforcement against racial or gender AI bias
  27. The boundaries of law enforcement immunity
  28. The implications of New Jersey "sanctuary city" directive for immigration law enforcement
  29. The evolution of immigration law enforcement throughout the last century
  30. Legal loopholes that allow law enforcement to search cellphones without a warrant

Legal Research Paper Topics

If you're tasked with writing a longer piece with in-depth discussion in a research paper https://customtermpaperwriting.org/blog/what-goes-in-the-analysis-section-of-a-research-paper, you're better off using one of the ideas below. You'll notice business and criminal law paper topics pop up again, but this time they are tailored for research and term papers, case studies, and even theses.

Constitutional Law Research Paper Ideas

  1. Constitutional analysis of HIPAA violations throughout the pandemic under the CARES Act
  2. Current implications of the primacy approach to constitutional interpretation
  3. Specific interpretation requirements for state constitutions
  4. The constitutional issues of Covid-19 business closures and lockdowns
  5. The changes required to make CARES Act constitutional
  6. The implications of the constitutional right to 'vote safely'
  7. Constitutional protections against the abuse of facial recognition software
  8. The constitutional issues raised by the Coronavirus vaccination
  9. The impact of the Illinois Constitution on the state tax system
  10. Digital Constitution as a step towards simplifying citizens' access to public sector services
  11. International Digital Constitution analysis
  12. Corporate uses of the Constitution to challenge court rulings
  13. Minimum wage exemptions in Nevada Constitution and their implications for employers and employees
  14. A historical analysis of the Treason Clause of the US Constitution
  15. The limits of the right for trial by jury in the California Constitution
  16. Analyzing the differences in court rulings concerning the pandemic closure orders across the states
  17. Picking the correct vehicle for constitutional challenges to administrative agency decisions
  18. Amendments to state constitutions to expand environmental rights
  19. The practical implications of the green amendment movement
  20. Constitutional privacy right for corporations
  21. The implications of the explicit constitutional protection to electronic communications and data 
  22. The divide between states in the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use
  23. The reasons behind the 'natural born citizen' qualification for the US Presidency
  24. How the First Amendment's freedom of association protects whistleblowers
  25. The First Amendment violation through the use of surveillance drones
  26. Constitutional vandalism by the Trump administration
  27. The clashes between constitutional and legislative mandates in healthcare
  28. The constitutional scrutiny of the SEC administrative proceedings
  29. Proper procedures for instituting constitutional changes
  30. A comparative analysis of American and European constitutions

Criminal Law Topics for Research Paper

  1. The rights of the accused across different jurisdictions
  2. Protection of child witnesses throughout criminal litigation
  3. Judge requirements for district-level court positions
  4. The legislative differences between murder, manslaughter, and homicide definitions
  5. Legal framework and law enforcement efforts to prevent human trafficking
  6. Loopholes in modern criminal law exploited by the criminals
  7. Dealing with police-induced false confessions in court
  8. Security issues of lifelong anonymity for convicted murderers
  9. The differences in the age of criminal responsibility across the globe
  10. The downsides of the trial by jury in criminal litigations
  11. The legislative differences between theft, burglary, and robbery definitions
  12. The evolution of criminal law litigation and punishment
  13. A history of 'honor' crimes in Jordan
  14. The rise of violent crime throughout the pandemic
  15. An overview of the biggest crime families in the US

Business Law Paper Topics

  1. Advantages, disadvantages, and strategies for managing multiple bidders in the sale of the company
  2. Biometric Information Privacy Act used against employers running fingerprints
  3. Calculating overtime rates for hourly employees who earn bonuses
  4. Comparative analysis of different tests to determine whether a company is insolvent
  5. The legal implications of offering Covid-19 vaccination incentives for employees
  6. The power and cost of an involuntary bankruptcy filing
  7. Temporary paid sick leave in the time of Covid-19
  8. The causes of the biggest retailer bankruptcies throughout the pandemic
  9. Restrictions on background checks for employers
  10. The mechanism of dismissing bankruptcy filing made in bad faith
  11. Paid family and medical leave coverage across the states
  12. Primary concerns for fund managers participating in bankruptcy proceedings
  13. An overview of the mandated Covid-19 protection requirements for employees
  14. Navigating troubled company acquisitions post Covid-19
  15. Joint employers liability for labor law violations
  16. The rising cost of filing insolvency claims
  17. Employer drug policies in states with legalized recreational use of cannabis
  18. Personal liability attached when the company becomes insolvent
  19. Withdrawal liability for employers who contribute to financially troubled multiemployer pension plans
  20. The effect of non-compete agreements on employee wages
  21. Negotiating Covid-19 vaccination with the union
  22. Outmoded state and federal labor laws in the way of employee flexibility
  23. The growing cost of data breaches
  24. Open banking regulatory activity at the core of the national Fintech sector
  25. Legislation and fines for discrimination against disability in the workplace
  26. The issue of contract non-renewal intentions disclosure
  27. The implications of enhanced cryptocurrency global tax enforcement for corporations
  28. Worker visa limitations affecting tourist location businesses
  29. Recovering attorney's fees for breach of contract
  30. The factors driving direct investment strategies and the barriers to adoption

What do you do if you haven't found a good enough idea on the list? Shoot us a line, and we'll be happy to create another post, this time with immigration, election, or procedural essay topics. You can also hire a professional writer for custom essay writing to come up with a topic for you and complete your essay or research paper.