200+ Biology Essay Topics

200+ Biology Essay Topics

Biology is such a broad field of study that you can waste weeks looking for the right topic for your assignment. To save you the time and effort of fruitless research, we’ve compiled a list of research papers and extended essay topics on Biology. 

In this post, you’ll find the ideas divided by assignment type and research area. So you can skip ahead to the section you’re most interested in and skim through the options on offer. Remember to tweak and adjust the scope and wording of the topic to make it fit the difference between essay and research paper better.

Interesting Biology Topics to Write About for Any Assignment

Argumentative Biology Essay Topics

  1. Biology journals should shift towards open-source publishing
  2. Engineered bacteria can replace fossil fuels shortly
  3. Genes harvested from wild plants can improve the disease-resistance of crops
  4. Small parks and gardens influence the environment and should be protected
  5. Marine ecosystems are resilient in the face of mass extinction
  6. Climate change impacts the physiology of migratory birds
  7. Coral reefs will stop growing within forty years due to climate change and pollution
  8. Covid-19 fallout will lead to the coffee industry crisis
  9. Ways to increase CRISPR gene editing accuracy
  10. Plant roots must be adapted to hotter climates to relieve food supply chain pressure
  11. Increasing urban green spaces can protect the bee population from a further decrease
  12. The risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2 from banknotes and coins is minimal
  13. Machine learning is the driver of personalized cancer treatment
  14. The hearts from overdosed donors are safe for transplant
  15. A healthy lifestyle can mitigate the high genetic risk of cancer
  16. Relaxing Covid-19 restrictions will lead to vaccine-resistant mutations
  17. Practice is more dangerous for soccer players’ health than game time
  18. Climate change will affect the spread of viruses and bacterial infections
  19. Industrial exoskeletons put extra strain on the workers’ brains
  20. Neighborhood oil and gas drilling affects the newborns’ weight
  21. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the number of mental health issues among ICU staff
  22. Increased bacterial acidity is the key to battle antimicrobial resistance
  23. Cellular competition is vital for preserving healthy cells in organisms
  24. Safe wait time between pregnancies is lower than recommended
  25. The second dose of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is vital for boosting long-term immunity
  26. Identical mutations cause different types of cancer
  27. Declining fish biodiversity is a risk for human nutrition

Interesting Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1. The differences between CRISPR and Retron Library Recombineering (RLR)
  2. Theories on the sea star’s cloning ability
  3. An overview of the current RNA-sequencing methods
  4. Analyzing snakes to keep track of Fukushima radiation pollution
  5. The application of lidar technology for forest monitoring and its downsides
  6. The effect of antidepressant pollution on fish behavior
  7. The relationship between genetics and gut microbiome
  8. Nanobodies potential uses for stopping viruses
  9. The differences between single- and double-stranded RNA
  10. The relationship between neural learning processes and depression symptoms
  11. The benefits of continuous glucose monitoring for Type 2 diabetes patients
  12. The application of silicone wristbands for quantitative air quality analysis
  13. An overview of brain repair capabilities and their relationship with epilepsy treatment
  14. Current developments in non-intrusive heart condition sensors
  15. The use of epithelial-cell-lined hydrogels for pathogen studies
  16. The effect of toxic and nontoxic air pollution on human health
  17. The relationship between the patient’s age and the vaccine immune response
  18. New approaches to the long-term well-being of HIV positive patients
  19. The relationship between the lack of breastfeeding and childhood health issues
  20. The adaptive response of cancer cells to targeted treatments
  21. Collagen-reparative properties of alphaCT1 molecules for scar treatment
  22. Air pollution exposure among commuters
  23. The likelihood of self-inflicted lung injury in Covid-19 patients
  24. New approaches to antibiotics development for resistant bacteria
  25. The application of organic tissue glue in emergency medicine
  26. The effects of reduced oxygen content on marine life
  27. New species classification as the first step to conservation

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

  1. The role of mRNA in converting DNA genetic data into proteins
  2. New ways to diagnose and treat stealth fungal diseases
  3. The effect of environmental stresses on coral offspring physiology
  4. The relationship between deforestation and ocean water quality
  5. Second-hand marijuana smoking increases the risk of respiratory infections in children
  6. T-cell exhaustion in patients with chronic diseases
  7. The long-term complications in youth-onset Type 2 diabetes patients
  8. The application of cryo-electron microscopy in breast and ovarian cancer research
  9. Unhealthy lifestyle and increased dementia risk correlation
  10. The risk of harmful bacteria presence in microplastics accumulated in the food
  11. Gene therapy neuroprotection to prevent glaucoma vision loss
  12. The relationship between Omega-3 blood levels and life expectancy
  13. Reducing the risk of collision for blind and visually impaired people through wearable devices
  14. Antibiotics efficiency for melanoma treatment
  15. Cell culture testing of embryos to detect dangerous toxic compounds
  16. The correlation between cognitive decline, bone density loss, and fracture risk in women
  17. Understanding fear regulation microcircuits in the brain to battle anxiety disorders
  18. The risks of discovering viruses in melting icebergs
  19. Identifying the exact date of the first case of SARS-CoV-2
  20. The relationship between agriculture intensity and pollinator population in the tropics
  21. Herbivore’s jaw evolution to counter mass extinction of the species
  22. An overview of the successful examples of conservation efforts
  23. The connection between historical natural disasters and mammal brain size
  24. The biodiversity of artificial forest gardens
  25. Dietary shifts that helped certain species survive natural disasters
  26. Identifying the climate-change-resistant corals for reef conservation
  27. The dangers of introducing foreign honeybees to native ecosystems

Biology Research Questions for Any Research Area

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Rapid climate changes as a driver of human evolution
  2. The evolution’s impact on taste receptors and food preferences
  3. Viruses as a major cause of human evolution
  4. Rapid plant evolution driven by environmental factors
  5. Photosynthesis evolution research to help increase crop yields
  6. Transmissible cancer as the cause of ongoing Tasmanian Devil’s evolution
  7. The relationship between evolution and big developmental leaps
  8. Increasing software accuracy for modeling evolutionary changes
  9. Tidal waves as the cause for fish evolution towards life on land
  10. Current examples of rapid plant and animal evolution
  11. The possibility of parallel evolution in isolated organisms
  12. Extreme nature events as a cause for aggressive spider evolution
  13. Color pattern evolution and its rapid repetition
  14. Calculating the rate of evolution after mass extinction events
  15. Large iceberg melting as part of the ice evolution
  16. Darwin’s evolution theories: proven and disproved
  17. The evolution of SARS-CoV-2 over the first year of the pandemic
  18. The evolution of the relationship between insects and plants
  19. The appendix is no longer an evolutionary artifact
  20. Cell-level mistakes as evolutionary drivers

Marine Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Ecosystem-based management of endangered species conservation
  2. Marine organisms’ response to climate change
  3. The variability of biomass distribution in the Bering sea
  4. The effects of ocean acidification on different species
  5. Environmentally induced morphological variation in the reef fish
  6. Long-term effects of high CO2 on growth and survival of marine species
  7. The variability of stress responses among subtropical coastal marine species
  8. Unpredictable consequences of coral reef death for ecosystems
  9. The changes in food preferences caused by elevating ocean temperatures
  10. The relationship between the heating rate and the metabolic response of the staghorn coral
  11. Microplastic contamination of the sea turtle eggs
  12. Fisheries management to prevents overfishing and habitat destruction
  13. The potential use of deep ocean gases as an alternative energy source
  14. The ecosystems supported by the hydrothermal vents
  15. The minimally invasive approach to new marine species research
  16. The risks of overheated sand for leatherback turtles
  17. The changes in shark behavior connected to human activity
  18. Estimated plastic pollution from Covid-19 face masks
  19. Floating marine debris may promote invasive species distribution
  20. 3D printing engaged in coral reef conservation efforts

Cell Biology Topics to Research

  1. Age-related reduction in cellular function and activity
  2. Effect of human dental pulp stem cell-conditioned medium on dentin-pulp regeneration
  3. The impact of exercise during pregnancy on the structure of the maternal-fetal interface
  4. Cellular behavior regulation by molecular signals from outside the cell
  5. The study of stem cells at the level of cell biology
  6. Cell and tissue mechanics at the frontier of cell biology
  7. The mechanics of active and passive transport in and out of the cells
  8. The mechanism of cell fluorescence photoactivation
  9. Quantitative cell biology tools and applications
  10. Cellular neurobiology of psychedelics
  11. Theoretical modeling of the mitotic spindle
  12. Factoring ciliate behavior in microscale robotics development
  13. Nuclear envelope identity shaped by lipid and protein dynamics
  14. Shaping of T-cell and lymphocyte development in vitro and in vivo
  15. Software tools for creating a human cell atlas
  16. The functions of cytoskeletal proteins in the cell nucleus
  17. Modeling human synapse development and degradation using stem cells
  18. Tubulin polymers structural diversity
  19. Adhesion dynamics of single and collective cell migration
  20. The intersection between secretory and autophagy pathways used in remodeling membranes during cellular stress

Plant Biology Research Project Ideas

  1. The evolution and ecology of plant species under climate change conditions
  2. The ecosystem functions and value of plant-microbial symbiosis
  3. The study of the plants’ water usage and interactions at different scales
  4. The ways photosynthetic organisms perceive and react to their environment
  5. Plant metabolic networks’ organization, function and evolution
  6. The differences in plant development under sunlight and grow light conditions
  7. The increasing pesticide and fungicide resistance in crops
  8. Plant secondary metabolites production as a defense reaction to stress
  9. Adaptive mechanisms in plants to handle drought
  10. Improving nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture through molecular and agronomic techniques
  11. Increasing soil salinity tolerance in crop plants for arid climates
  12. The effect of cadmium contamination on plants’ development and crop yield
  13. The use of kaolin for improving apple quality in irrigation deficit conditions
  14. Seasonal changes of antioxidant activity in crops
  15. The use of pea and rice proteins in probiotic drink recipes
  16. Crop residue handling best practices for sustainability and climate change control
  17. The relationship between tomato pigmentation and flavor
  18. The use of corn processing byproducts for biodegradable plastics production
  19. The effect of rising nighttime temperatures on crop yields
  20. The benefits of planting mixed-culture fields

Neuroscience and Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Hormone deficiencies that cause neural circuit and synapse defects
  2. Environmental factors that promote Alzheimer disease
  3. Neuronal loss and structural changes caused by chronic sleep deprivation
  4. Identifying brain circuits regulating addiction
  5. Genetic analysis of neural circuit organization
  6. Imaging technologies for neural circuits research
  7. The causes for neural circuits degeneration
  8. The relationship between social behavior and neuron connections
  9. The possibilities of reversing age-related memory loss
  10. The increase in opioid overdoses throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
  11. The connection between air quality and the risk of dementia
  12. Effective methods of repairing peripheral nerve injuries
  13. The negative effect of excessive coffee consumption on brain function
  14. Magnetic field use in glioblastoma treatments
  15. Permanent brain structure changes in professional rugby and American football players
  16. The increase of mental health conditions among medical personnel throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
  17. The effects of Daylight Saving time shift on early birds and night owls
  18. The risks of brain-computer interface based on electroencephalography
  19. The impact of nature on children’s cognitive development
  20. The use of computer tomography for patients with concussion

Genetics and Biology Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. The relationship between culture and genetics in human evolution
  2. The genetic bases of eating disorders
  3. The complicated genetics of human eye coloring
  4. The correlation between genetics and health issues
  5. Symbiotic microbe genetics controlled by plants
  6. The effects of genetics and lifestyle on the human microbiome
  7. Genetics influence communication behavior, including social media use
  8. The applications of genetically modified bacteria in materials science
  9. The use of genetically modified grass to clear toxins from soil
  10. Stopping the spread of malaria and Zika virus through mosquito genetic modification
  11. The use of genome editing technology to climate-proof crop plants
  12. Increasing the efficiency of endangered species conservation efforts through genetics research
  13. International transparency requirements for food gene editing
  14. The possibilities of genetic manipulation for increased longevity
  15. The similarities between cat and human genome for research purposes
  16. The ethical implications of precision genome-editing medicine
  17. Genetic risk factors that increase the chances of severe Covid-19
  18. An overview of methods and tools used for psychological genetics analysis
  19. Identifying the genes connected to obesity risk
  20. Aquaculture genetics’ current state and future potential
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