150+ Religion Essay Topics

150+ Religion Essay Topics

Religion is a very interesting subject. On the one hand, this is not mathematics or physics, where you understand how formulas or key principles work. However, at the same time, this subject can be compared with history as you have to study certain periods and analyze facts and theories. Also, do not forget that you have to write a lot of papers.

This is why you should find good religion essay topics and, perhaps, religion essay examples. The point is that there are many aspects that you can write about. Even if you are an atheist and consider this subject from a logical point of view, you will be interested in learning about many cultural, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Here are the best religion topics to write about. Choose any option and proceed to a detailed study of the data.

Theology Research Paper Topics

Theology covers a huge layer of knowledge, from all kinds of cults and religious branches to monuments and altars. That is why it will not be difficult for you to find something interesting and get started. First, start with those aspects that relate to Christianity and Islam. Next, you can look at other beliefs.

  1. Totems and sculptures of the ancient Aztecs.
  2. The culture of religious sacrifice in India.
  3. The death cult in North America: reasons for its popularity.
  4. The basic dogmas of Christianity.
  5. Why does religion matter in modern society?
  6. The stages of initiation into the Order of the Hospitallers.
  7. Why were some monks excommunicated?
  8. The key Christian churches in Europe.
  9. Why is the Voodoo cult so popular in America?
  10. Why is Islam gaining popularity in the modern world?
  11. The basic concepts of Buddhism.
  12. Why did the Inca religion require sacrifices?
  13. The major religious groups in the United States.
  14. Why is satanism legal in America?
  15. The basic dogmas of Christianity.
  16. Why is Buddha different from Christ?
  17. How could God give Moses the commandments on the mountain?
  18. How real are biblical events?
  19. Why is religion closely related to social prejudice?
  20. The main totems of Easter Island.

As you can see, the search for religion presentation ideas is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You just need to concentrate on what interests you. But remember to be open-minded and unbiased.

Interesting Religious Topics

If you are bored with writing about Christianity and other religions' basic aspects, you can concentrate on something really interesting. How about describing some ancient cult of original totems located in different parts of the world? You can even describe the ancient rites and traditions of the local indigenous population.

  1. The main attributes of Scandinavian spiritual rites.
  2. How did the Aztecs bring gifts to their gods?
  3. Why do some African tribes worship rhinos?
  4. The connection between the elements and religion.
  5. Why did the Indians believe in transmigration?
  6. The main religious traditions of the Eskimos.
  7. Why is Buddhism unpopular in the United States?
  8. How is religion related to sacrifice?
  9. Can we say that all mono-religions are the same?
  10. Why are there radical religious fanatics?
  11. The least known facts about the Scandinavian gods.
  12. Why is Odin so much like Jesus?
  13. What is the most peaceful religion?
  14. Why does Christianity teach humility and forgiveness of sins?
  15. Can it be argued that Islam is a peace-loving religion?
  16. Why is the Aztec religion so bloodthirsty?
  17. Why is atheism condemned in society?
  18. How does religion affect personal growth?
  19. Can you find a partner without going to church?
  20. How does religion affect self-identification?
  21. Can you be agnostic in a Muslim country?
  22. Why do Mexicans celebrate death?
  23. Do modern religions condemn witchcraft?
  24. How to distinguish Lutherans from Protestants?
  25. Can women enter a Catholic church with their heads uncovered?
  26. Why are fanatics willing to die in the name of any god?
  27. What causes religious differences?
  28. How can you tell a Lutheran from a Baptist?

As you can see, there are quite a few aspects that you can write about. Choose those religion topics for research papers or essay writing that inspire you to pursue a specific quest or desire to learn something new. But try to be neutral, especially if your paper does not imply a personal opinion.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

Sometimes you have to write about religious aspects and argue your point of view. For example, you may have to compare major Christian doctrines or look for arguments to make sure your point of view is correct. Here's a good list for you.

  1. Why is Islam so much like Christianity?
  2. What are the key similarities between each religion?
  3. Why has faith in nature spirits become unpopular in the modern world?
  4. Totems: religious centers for worship.
  5. Why is offering to the spirits of the dead popular in Mexico?
  6. Which religions encourage mystical festivals?
  7. Why was paganism so popular in Scandinavia?
  8. How can you tell an idolater from an admirer of nature spirits?
  9. How are monotheistic beliefs similar?
  10. How did the ancient Romans worship the gods?
  11. Why did the Vikings consider ravens to be Odin's messengers?
  12. What is the significance of key Christian shrines?
  13. Why was the monkey king revered in China in the 14th century?
  14. How is Zeus different from Jupiter?
  15. What is the difference between Orthodox Christians and Catholics?
  16. Why are Judaism and Christianity different?
  17. What is the difference between different Christian denominations?
  18. Is it okay to skip church on weekends?
  19. What is sin in terms of religion?
  20. Why does religion only offer heaven or hell as a place for an afterlife?

As you can see, there are quite a few great theological essay topics that will impress you. All you need is a little patience and a willingness to find hard facts. Use only trusted sources to support your point of view. Then you can create a really good paper.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Religion

Let's say your professor wants you to write a persuasive paper. Where should you start? First of all, find the topic that interests you. Second, choose the fact that you can confirm. For example, there are several documented facts of paranormal activity associated with religion. Here's a list that will come in handy.

  1. Can religion be a cure for moral trauma?
  2. How great is the influence of North American religions on Christianity in the United States?
  3. What are the key similarities between each of the mono religions?
  4. Can it be argued that Jesus existed in real life?
  5. Why is the Prophet Muhammad a real historical person?
  6. What are the reasons for the fall of paganism?
  7. Why do some Scandinavians still worship pagan gods?
  8. Has religion lost its influence on modern people?
  9. Why doesn't modern man need religion?
  10. How is faith different from religion?
  11. How can you tell a true believer from an impostor?
  12. Why are Allah and Christ practically the same God?
  13. Why is regular prayer important for Muslims?
  14. Should we encourage radical religious organizations?
  15. The main periods of the popularity of paganism in Europe.
  16. Why does the mullah sing in the morning?
  17. What is the difference between Shiites and Sunnis?
  18. When will religious strife stop around the world?
  19. How do people know about the afterlife?
  20. Is the hell real, and is it worth fearing this place?
  21. How did people know about God?
  22. Are there any facts proving the existence of Eden?
  23. Why does each of the Bibles have certain changes?
  24. Can the presence of a side be scientifically proven?

This is just a small list of areas for research that are potentially very interesting for most newbies. First, you don't have to spend hours searching for data. Secondly, these topics are ideal for those who want to show their analysis and argumentation skills.

Comparative Religion Essay Topics

As a rule, such topics involve comparing the similarities and differences of some aspects. For example, you can compare several religions, rituals, or spiritual traditions. Point out the similarities and differences that will help you confirm or refute your point of view.

  1. What are the similarities between Islam and Christianity?
  2. Why are Zen Buddhism and Lamaism not the same thing?
  3. What are the main differences between Confucianism and Shintoism?
  4. Why is a direct comparison between Mahayana and Zen Buddhism not entirely correct?
  5. Sacrifice and idolatry: major general trends.
  6. Why do paganism and Christianity condemn polygamy?
  7. What punishments were foreseen for apostasy in Muslim and Christian countries?
  8. The main similarities and differences of proto religions.
  9. Why are Easter and Passover the same holiday?
  10. The comparison of the spiritual rituals of African tribes.
  11. Why are the stages of the birth of Christianity and Islam so similar?
  12. Does the choice of religion affect one's position in society?
  13. How do spiritual meditations compare in different religions?
  14. What are the main differences between Scythian and Sarmatian totems?
  15. Why are there more temples in Thailand than in Malaysia?
  16. Why do Muslims wash their feet before entering the mosque, but Christians don't?
  17. What is the penalty for changing religion?
  18. Should a modern man choose the best religion?
  19. Why are religious cults still popular in some countries?
  20. Why is there no exorcism in Islam?

As you can see, you are only limited by your imagination. The only caveat is the search for suitable criteria to compare religions or spiritual aspects. Then you can plausibly describe any aspects associated with rituals, traditions, and judgments.

Christianity Research Paper Topics

Christians are one of the largest religious groups globally, so you will have no problem choosing any topic. Focus on facts, major differences in each country, and dogmas written in the Bible and on the tablets.

  1. Why are there so many Bible versions around the world?
  2. Can Christianity be considered the most numerous religion?
  3. How is the prayer process different by denomination?
  4. Why is Christianity associated with peacefulness and pacifism?
  5. Are sacrifices permissible for Christians?
  6. Why are Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit the same?
  7. Why do Christians give children double names?
  8. Why are Christian churches different from mosques?
  9. Why does the Pope formally rule all Catholic churches?
  10. What is the hierarchy in Christian religious structures?
  11. Do Christians believe in an afterlife?
  12. How to become a Christian at a conscious age?
  13. Can Christians marry someone of another religion?
  14. How does the church view sins?
  15. Can it be argued that all religious organizations earn money from believers?
  16. How are Christians of different denominations baptized?
  17. What are the main attributes of any church?
  18. Why are cathedrals so big?
  19. How does geographic location affect the number of Christians?
  20. Are there any controversial points in the Bible?

As you can see, there are many interesting aspects to describe Christianity, traditions, and daily customs. You can even choose argumentative paper ideas about religion and spiritualism to support your point of view in practice.

Good Religious Research Paper Topics

Let's say you have not yet decided what you want to write about. Religious aspects are very extensive, especially if you are not limited by any beliefs or faith boundaries. However, there are several popular religion research paper topics that you should pay attention to. Start with this list.

  1. Why totems are no longer relevant in the modern world.
  2. Can religion influence the political aspects of an entire country?
  3. Why do some Native Americans still believe in spirits?
  4. What is the difference between cults and fanatics?
  5. Can it be argued that some religions impose aggression?
  6. Why should modern society abandon religious stereotypes?
  7. Is it possible to reconcile the representatives of all religions?
  8. How do relics affect pilgrimage routes?
  9. Why do people still believe in the spirits of earth and water?
  10. How relevant is religion for teenagers?
  11. Can it be argued that parents impose religion on children?
  12. Are there any facts supporting religious miracles?
  13. Can religious books be viewed as a collection of truthful facts?
  14. What is the main difference between monotheistic religions?
  15. Who came up with general religious concepts?
  16. How does the Vatican rank people as saints?
  17. Why doesn't the church pay taxes?
  18. Should students become priests?
  19. What criteria are people guided by when choosing a church parish in the United States?
  20. Is it important to observe religious traditions in modern society?
  21. Why has Christianity become so popular?
  22. Why are new religions emerging?
  23. Is there any scientific confirmation of the existence of paradise?

As you can see, there are quite a few interesting aspects that you can pay attention to. For example, focus on major differences between religions in the past, or concentrate on something modern. In any case, you are limited only by your imagination.