150+ Medicine Essay Topics

150+ Medicine Essay Topics

Here goes the list of health and medicine essay topics that students might want to use for their papers. In fact, coming up with health essay topics worth paying attention to is not difficult at all. All you’ve got to do to find great nuclear medicine research paper ideas and other themes is to look around and check the recent news. There will probably be more than enough insights for you to choose from.

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Let’s start our list with argumentative essay topics about fields of medicine and other issues connected with the field. Below, you will also find some nursing argumentative essay topics and research paper concepts. All total, we’ve got more than 150 medicine topics for you to review.

  1. Health conditions should not be the only cause for surrogate pregnancy
  2. It is essential to turn child vaccination into an obligation worldwide
  3. It is not healthy to use cosmetic surgery services
  4. Products requiring people to risk their health have to be banned by governments
  5. Exercising is not always useful for one’s health
  6. The use of birth control medicines puts the reproductive system at permanent damage risk
  7. Fast-food supplies all over the world should be regulated by local governments
  8. Medicine and ethics: should people who are careless about their health get a denial for organ transplantation when it becomes necessary?
  9. Technology and medicine: can the use of electronics increase cancer probability for a person?  
  10. Vegetarian dieting allows people to live longer
  11. A gay couple’s medical dangers discussed
  12. Are high school mental health clinics actually helpful for students?
  13. A smartphone is a threat to one’s health
  14. The health care decisions of patients are under political corruption’s effect in Europe
  15. Water as harm: there can be too much water in the organism
  16. Health risks of circumcision for women
  17. Should a patient look for medical assistance beyond their country’s borders?
  18. Most medicines are extremely overpriced
  19. Daily tips to keep up with if you want to see doctors rarer
  20. High school alcohol restriction: is it possible to ban alcoholic drinks for students entirely?

 Persuasive Essay Topics about Medicine

See 20 more themes to use if you need to come up with persuasive paper writing. All of them touch on some relevant problems or interesting cases. Here we go:

  1. Cancer does not have its special symptoms
  2. The overuse of chemical drugs makes people addicted through controlling their minds  
  3. A woman’s age matters when it comes to giving birth
  4. ADHD people are at a higher risk for themselves
  5. The most effective solution to save car crash victims is an ambulance helicopter
  6. Weight loss can’t be fixed by the Atkins diet quickly
  7. Asparagus syndrome and autism treatment effectiveness will increase with the use of clinical psychology
  8. Spinal disk troubles are the main causes of back pain
  9. One should not motivate their cosmetic surgery sessions only with beauty purposes
  10. The fact that you brush teeth regularly does not mean you don’t need dental care
  11. Smartphones are radioactive and dangerous
  12. Organ transplantation lists have to prioritize children
  13. Excessive alcohol use has psychological treatment options
  14. Medical care should be financed by the government entirely
  15. Can clinical psychology help patients with dyslexia effectively?
  16. Biotech development is the future of health care
  17. Are there ethical problems in the use of biotechnology for healthcare?
  18. People who got rid of drug addiction will stay at risk of relapse for the rest of their lives
  19. Price does not define the effectiveness of medicines
  20. Paid medical care is not always better than free

Medical Topics for a Research Paper

Writing about healthcare research paper topics will surely require a bit more effort from you. However, those are pretty like essays in terms of structure and topic requirements. Still, make sure the theme you choose allows conducting a study deep enough to craft a full-scale research paper.

Veterinary Medicine Research Paper Topics

  1. Modern pet choosing trends: tigers, zebras, large lizards, and more
  2. Rural areas and vet care availability: problems, causes, and suggestions
  3. Estimating the quality of vet care in the US
  4. What is the veterinary service availability in your country?
  5. Reasons for keepers to stay cautious before Ebola
  6. Main pet behavior troubles and ways to solve them
  7. Keepers and animals: misuse of punishment
  8. The problems of keepers’ misunderstanding of cats’ behavior
  9. Pet chipping: does it solve troubles?
  10. Pet itching reasons and solutions
  11. Fear of thunder: how to help a pet overcome it
  12. Main causes of arthritis for dogs
  13. Hen egg-laying: how the place around hens affects frequency and quality of eggs
  14. Dog and cat medicine: key differences
  15. Varieties between cat and dog diets
  16. How animal medicines differ from human ones
  17. Veterinary care quality: how it depends on the competence of a keeper
  18. Prices of veterinary care: are the services overpriced?
  19. Ways to lower the costs of vet medicare
  20. Top 3 popular medical solutions for animals in the world
  21. Most questionable practice of vets in 2021
  22. Domestic cat dieting: how much it depends on a breed
  23. Unintentional violence: how incompetent pet owners hurt their animals
  24. Animal care in poor countries: how to help governments improve vet service quality
  25. Universal recommendations for pet keepers to improve and maintain their pets’ health

Sports Medicine Research Paper Topics

  1. Sports and its practicing for people suffering from cardiovascular troubles
  2. How the functioning of neutrophils depends on sports exercising
  3. Caffeine: how it affects the performance of athletes
  4. Adolescents and professional sports: how high physical load impacts teenagers’ bodies
  5. Ayurveda drug use for sports medicine purposes: is that effective?
  6. Olympic games death cases: investigation, reasons, and lessons to take
  7. How are heart rate assessment methods different?
  8. The influence of overweight and lack of physical activities on human organisms
  9. How yoga fitness affects the female physical health during menopause
  10. High-level athletes: breathing specialties and main respiratory malfunctions
  11. Sports mouthguard protection solutions: pathologies and dental issues they may cause
  12. Sports trauma mechanisms, localizations, and types classified among professional female soccer players
  13. Vertebral-spinal traumas of professional athletes and rehabilitation solutions for those issues with confirmed effectiveness
  14. Volleyball trauma statistics and neutralization ways
  15. Complex approach to keep the best body shape: Cristiano Ronaldo’s case study
  16. Brain injuries among professional boxers and MMA fighters
  17. Bodybuilding: main health issues and risks for professionals
  18. Most dangerous sports injuries for teenage basketball players
  19. The impact of age on trauma recovery for professional athletes
  20. Lessons to take from Christian Eriksen’s heart attack case during the Euro-2020 Championship

Nursing Research Paper Topics

Coming up with essay topics for college nursing is among the most frequent troubles that students face. So, here are more than 40 concepts for you to check and choose from:

  1. Reasons for ADHD and effective treatment methods for it
  2. Autism and vaccination
  3. Preschoolers and antibiotics: how to solve resistance issues in heavy cases
  4. How social media affect dieting habits and eating disorders
  5. Infant seizure causes
  6. Teenage depression: underestimated trouble and treatment ways
  7. Features of medical care and nursing while working with adolescents
  8. How to stabilize the mental health of nurses working with terminally ill patients
  9. Healthy dieting practices and how to teach overweight children to keep up with them
  10. Ethics of pediatric work
  11. Ways to deal with speech disorders among preschoolers
  12. Child medical care: key moments of child psychology
  13. Non-chemical practices for bipolar disorders
  14. Anxiety: an underestimated disorder of the modern world
  15. Special safety measures when working with covid-19 infected patients
  16. Nursing solutions: measures to take to counter future virus pandemics
  17. Covid-19 pandemic lessons for nurses
  18. The process of imaging of CVS
  19. Migraine patient case study
  20. Adult nursing: persuasive approaches to use for medically incompetent patients
  21. Psychiatric care for adult persons: features and approaches
  22. Weight management solutions: which are effective?
  23. Main principles of weight loss
  24. Sports medicine: aspects of caring for professional athletes
  25. Personal qualities of a good nurse: how to be an expert
  26. Overcoming the fear of failure: ways for nurses to learn how to make important decisions quickly
  27. Psychological care for terminally ill patients: approaches and techniques of moral support
  28. Nursing in the US: is the profession financially underrated?
  29. What makes students choose nursing as a major
  30. Main challenges of being a nurse
  31. Patient aggression: how to stay safe but still do a nurse’s job
  32. Pain management for children: most effective practices
  33. Expert nursing approaches towards pain management for patients with cancer
  34. Moral distress problems of nurses
  35. Pregnancy and overweight: safety rules
  36. Main healthcare threats in 2021
  37. How to popularize a healthy lifestyle among patients and citizens
  38. Health education classes: will it be an effective solution to improve people’s biological competence?
  39. Innovations of cardiology
  40. Next-generation nursing methods about to become common
  41. How cultural features of local societies affect women’s health
  42. Causes of vaginal atrophy and how to treat them
  43. Men in healthcare: does modern society need more male nurses?
  44. Diet and foodservice nurses: required competence
  45. How to solve gender inequality problems among nursing professionals

20 More General Ideas on Healthcare Essays and Research Papers

Finally, the list contains topics that will suit any type of paper in the field of medicine. Still, make sure you have enough interest in the chosen theme and find reference sources of decent quality.

  1. Anti-vaxxers: ethic problems of ideology
  2. How to popularize healthcare professions among youth
  3. Paramedics: physical and moral difficulties of work
  4. Alternative medicine: should governments prohibit practices unaccepted by official science?
  5. The comparison of Covid-19 vaccines
  6. The greatest achievements of neural surgery
  7. Unsolved problems of psychology
  8. Forced psychiatry should be applied more commonly
  9. Public danger and personal freedom: problems of vaccination in 2021 and beyond
  10. Covid-19 lessons: should global vaccination be mandatory?
  11. Pandemics compared: did common information access reduce the scale of problems?
  12. Panicking patients: effective ways to calm people down in emergencies
  13. First aid rules
  14. Army medics: aspects of the fieldwork
  15. Tactical medicine: a real concept or a marketing brand?
  16. Critical first aid knowledge: what everyone should know
  17. Medicine and law: main inconveniences and ways to solve them
  18. Medieval plague pandemic: could it be avoided?
  19. Penicillin: the critical importance of sir Alexander Fleming’s invention
  20. Antibiotic resistance: a growing threat
  21. How to solve the US opioid crisis