150+ Computer Science Essay Topics

150+ Computer Science Essay Topics

It feels like gadgets surround us on all sides, so devising an idea for a research paper or essay on Computer Science should be a piece of cake. But the overabundance of information and datasets makes the choice all the more challenging. If you don’t know where to start, check out our list of over 150 essay topics on issues about Computer Science for any assignment, class, or major.

Computer-Related Topics by Assignment Type

We’ve analyzed the most common assignment types in Computer Science classes and came up with ideas for each of the four winners. In this section, you’ll find topics for persuasive essay writing, extended papers, research papers, and presentations. You can mix and match the topics, though you might have to tweak the wording to ensure it fits the assignment requirements.

Computer Science Persuasive Essay Ideas

  1. Accurate Wi-Fi-based indoor positioning is impossible due to practical hindrances
  2. MOOC dropout rate predictions can be improved through self-training
  3. Happy software engineers increase the project success rate
  4. The wide adoption of AI in medicine will make physicians redundant
  5. Social media limit the users’ access to new information and form biases
  6. X-ray-based Covid-19 diagnostics should be automated
  7. Digital mediation is unsuccessful in school-family conflicts during the pandemic
  8. Android is the most vulnerable mobile OS considering its permission system
  9. Social media can be free from spam posts with the use of a weighted multimodal approach
  10. Generative Adversarial Networks is optimal for stock price predictions
  11. Machine learning can predict the effectiveness of learning using educational institution Big Data
  12. Brain-computer interfaces are not ready for gaming applications
  13. Schools should cultivate computational thinking skills in students regardless of their major
  14. The fear of Covid-19 boosted aggressive online behavior
  15. Childhood use of the Internet poses risks for children’s safety and development
  16. Professional gaming becomes an increasingly popular career path for teenagers and young adults
  17. Social media platforms need to change their current personal-data-based business model
  18. Young adults and older users do not perceive virtual reality the same way
  19. Technological ecosystems can support people with disabilities
  20. Data-driven cognitive manufacturing can result in zero-defect production 

Computer Science Extended Paper Topics

  1. The use of optimization algorithms for digital watermarking
  2. Framework-based security measures for Internet of Things devices
  3. The application of third-party cloud services in intrusion detection systems
  4. Design opportunities for socially connective tabletop games in the age of remote collaboration
  5. The implications of vocal interactivity in large groups for voice user interfaces
  6. Physical and psychological health issues connected to Internet Gaming Disorder
  7. An overview of gamification-based language learning mobile applications
  8. The use of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to predict judicial decisions of the European Court of Human Rights
  9. Generating synthetic datasets for object-to-model deep learning in industrial settings
  10. The development of a collective navigation algorithm
  11. Empathetic reactions in users towards smart voice assistants
  12. Open-source brain-computer interface to democratize the future of augmented consciousness
  13. Telemedicine applications during and post Covid-19 pandemic
  14. Building anticipatory systems using artificial intelligence
  15. AI-aided design for assessing and improving user experience metrics
  16. Self-efficacy assessment in data mining and analysis
  17. Students’ acceptance of technology-assisted learning during the pandemic
  18. The application of machine vision in precision agriculture
  19. Improving PDF file readability for online application
  20. E-commerce web design adjusted to the users’ age

Computer Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Deep learning for human activity recognition
  2. Ways to improve data delivery in large environments
  3. Improving data aggregation in research using mobile and web applications
  4. The challenges of implementing Big Data in Big Pharma
  5. The application of machine learning techniques for comparative opinion mining
  6. Improving the accessibility of the data cited in academic papers for humans and machines
  7. The advantages and limitations of automated language essay scoring systems
  8. The implementation of adaptive driving automation based on driver eye tracker data
  9. Automatic detection of skin lesion irregularities via dermoscopic images using machine learning algorithms
  10. The use of virtual reality to support communication with patients suffering neurodegenerative conditions
  11. The application of auditory interfaces in automated driving
  12. Pupilometric and eye-tracking data usage in industrial and military sectors
  13. Users’ speech rate adjustments caused by conversations with smart voice assistants
  14. The potential of using artificial intelligence and robotics in telemedicine
  15. Lifelong social robot application for autism therapy
  16. Deep learning and virtual reality applications in film and television production
  17. Computer-assisted leisure communication throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
  18. The limitations of computer vision for calculating crop yields
  19. Web accessibility requirements for website owners and admins
  20. The relationship between digital media consumption and social connection quality among children

Current Topics for Paper Presentation in Computer Science

  1. Healthcare framework for real-time heart disease detection through machine learning
  2. The use of behavioral data to identify fake reviews online
  3. The tools for enriching academic publications with interactive 3D PDF
  4. Strategies for rationalizing resource utilization in cloud computing
  5. The attribution of Arabic poetry authorship through machine learning
  6. Positioning and obstacle avoidance algorithms for robotic movements
  7. Machine learning for automatic transcription of piano sheet music
  8. Automated learning personalization system based on learning speed calculation
  9. The social media-assisted collaborative programming framework
  10. The heuristic approaches to layout optimization in the fitness industry
  11. Predictive maintenance based on cognitive analytics
  12. In-game metrics for assessing cognitive load
  13. Gender-specific perceptions of sex and platonic love robots
  14. The psychology of online hating behavioral patterns
  15. Modeling user avatars through eye gaze data analysis

An Exhaustive List of Topics for a Research Paper in Computer Science

If none of the ideas above tickles your fancy, we’ve got more excellent topics coming your way. All are fresh and will remain relevant for a couple of years, even with the lightning-fast development of Computer Science. Feel free to play around with wording and scope to make the topic fit your class and prompt better.

Great Research Paper Topics for Computer Science

  1. Educational materials recommendation system using field-aware factorization solutions
  2. The development of a dynamic resource sharing scheme
  3. The success factors of software development outsourcing in emerging markets
  4. Deep learning applications in software defect prediction
  5. Early-stage diabetes prediction using classification algorithms
  6. Formal methods of early system requirement validation in software development
  7. Fault-tolerant connectivity establishment for mobile robot networks
  8. Automated hate speech detection for social media and other online applications
  9. Static analysis for detecting malware in Android OS
  10. Research paper recommendation algorithm based on in-text citation frequency
  11. The use of satellite imagery and machine learning for predicting aridity
  12. Frequency-based deep learning approach for recognizing brain wave signals
  13. Sentiment analysis of financial news articles for predicting stock prices
  14. Children activity recognition based on environmental data analysis
  15. Effective information retrieval approach for legal databases
  16. Soft error detection and automatic recovery in high-performance computing systems
  17. Trust dynamics in human-robot physical interactions
  18. Assessing, tracking, and fact-checking misinformation through software solutions
  19. The risks of the growing user-avatar bonds in gaming and virtual reality applications
  20. The critical value of cybersecurity in industrial systems and its weaknesses

Researchable Computer Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Porting mobile app functionality across platforms
  2. Measuring the impact of semantics on aspect-level opinion mining
  3. Future challenges in mobile software engineering
  4. The viability of inheritance metrics in software fault prediction 
  5. An overview of the current artificial intelligence applications for Covid-19
  6. Semantic text similarity applications for natural language processing
  7. Building an IoT-based traffic system with a secure access
  8. Machine learning for forecasting rainfall and drought
  9. The applications of knowledge distillation in deep learning
  10. Social media sentiment harvesting and analysis for stock market prediction enhancement
  11. Machine learning algorithms for predicting cyberattack method and perpetrator
  12. Privacy and security issues of the Internet of Things medical applications
  13. Gait recognition in video-based surveillance applications
  14. Frame selection and quality assessment for video-based face-recognition software
  15. Record linkage for municipalities and financial institutions through neural networks
  16. Digital technologies used in the development of personalized precision medicine
  17. Potential practical applications of quantum computing
  18. Computational analysis of online polarization and cultural conflicts
  19. Human-machine systems design challenges and potential
  20. Governing artificial intelligence in critical infrastructure systems

Fresh Research Paper Topics for Computer Science

  1. The application of AI in online customer service for intent recognition and slot filling
  2. Designing collision-free self-organized flocking algorithms in heterogeneous robot swarms
  3. Knowledge and skill requirements for industrial and managerial staff for Industry 4.0 
  4. Detecting cyber intrusions in e-learning environments throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
  5. 5G communication network application for advanced image processing
  6. The challenges of developing context-aware computing solutions
  7. The analysis of energy leaks of Android mobile applications
  8. The challenges of privacy protection for mobile social networks
  9. Security and usability issues of the handshake-based pairing of wearable devices
  10. Teaching effectiveness evaluation methods for offline and online hybrid scenarios
  11. Deep-learning-based respiratory sound analysis for detecting pulmonary conditions
  12. A computational approach to scheduling concurrent conference sessions
  13. Identifying depression levels among Reddit users through text classification
  14. Audio copyright protection using a blockchain-based music wallet
  15. Rescue efforts simulation for natural and technogenic disasters
  16. Developing a dynamic predictive model for forest fire behavior
  17. Fog computing platforms: analysis, deployment and integration
  18. The impossible food-related experience in augmented and virtual reality
  19. Real-time speech emotion recognition via an image classification network
  20. Wireless communication through reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

Easy Computer Science Essay Topics

  1. The advantages and downsides of virtual reality applications
  2. Smart healthcare applications through Big Data analytics
  3. The application of 3D computer vision
  4. Leveraging virtual reality to design technologies for mental health
  5. Computational methods in addiction and drug use research
  6. Learning-based software security systems for malware and ransomware protection
  7. The use of virtual reality experiences for building empathy
  8. Harmful health consequences of excessive smartphone usage in children
  9. The growing omnipresence of smart voice assistants
  10. The rising cost of security breaches over the past five years
  11. Artificial intelligence ethics governance principles
  12. The interactions between automated vehicles and other road users
  13. The challenges of using deep learning for processing medical and healthcare data
  14. The application of artificial intelligence for building personalized educational software
  15. Using video to promote story understanding in artificial intelligence
  16. The shift from machine learning to affective computing
  17. Fog computing requirements and challenges
  18. Software applications for bioimage analysis
  19. Advances in human activity recognition via wearable sensors
  20. Sensory-enabling technologies used in online marketing

What if none of the topics on our list feels right? You can order a custom topic and paper to go with it and be sure it fits the prompt and your requirements. All you need to do is contact our support managers.