100+ Political Science Essay Topics

100+ Political Science Essay Topics

Do you need a theme to work for your political science paper grade? No problem. To come up with something relevant and interesting, you can just take a look at the recent news. Nowadays, this subject can be successfully and interestingly connected with almost anything: elections, military conflicts, social discussions and problems, sports, education, media, medical care, and many more. 

To generate a topic worth the highest grade, you might want to choose the field and aspect interesting to you personally right here and right now. That’s how you guarantee yourself involvement and maximum energy to craft a really high-quality assignment. 

We know sometimes a professor chooses a topic themselves. However, the fact that you are here means your prof is more liberal, aren’t they? But the possibility of choice can be a blessing as well as a curse for a student. 

That is why we decided to come up with political science essay topics and political science essay examples for those students who are feeling stuck at the moment. If you need good political science essay ideas urgently, here are over 100 possible concepts.

Feel free to use them as they are or build your own concept on the solid fundament. Now, let’s see what is there for you.

Good Political Essay Ideas

The world is full of political issues to write about, and all you’ve got to do if you need to find an idea for a topical essay is to look around. What problems bother you and your neighborhood the most? What is the most shocking news you’ve heard within the last week? Those are your topics. Here is the list of 30 concepts to consider:

  1. The beginning of politics: what was that?
  2. How religion relates to governments and political processes worldwide
  3. Different election systems and principles: the analysis of two democratic examples
  4. The most powerful politician of the 21st century so far
  5. Which political decision determined the future of your native country the most?
  6. Nationalism versus globalization: which is a better idea?
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of democratic government systems
  8. How power correlates with morality
  9. International terrorism of the 21st century: extreme political tool?
  10. Strengths and weaknesses of totalitarian regimes
  11. Environmental politics as the electoral advantage
  12. How international situations impact the internal political situation of the country: the example of Belarus
  13. Wars and politics: how far should the government go in limiting people’s rights during wartimes?
  14. Political philosophy: the importance of common values
  15. State system case study: advantages and weaknesses of the USA political organization
  16. International relations: how history determines future approaches
  17. Political influence of rich people
  18. Power balance: what’s the point of the concept?
  19. Modern international relations analysis
  20. USSR versus USA: the retrospective of a bipolar political world
  21. Political thoughts of the ancient world in China, Europe, and Arabia compared
  22. Foreign policy case study: Germany
  23. China as the growing superpower
  24. The reasons behind Russian-Western political confrontation in 2021
  25. Power centers: do more developed countries have to provide an aggressive foreign policy?
  26. The drawbacks of democracy
  27. Is the EU political system stress durable?
  28. Political agenda of Ronald Reagan
  29. Immigrant crisis in Europe
  30. The failures of the UK foreign policy of the 21st century

Political Science Term Paper Topics

Term papers have crucial meaning for students, as they show what they learned within the last semester and influence the total grade a lot. So, it is necessary to invest enough time and effort to figure out a theme that would be interesting and deep enough to let you craft a top-grade assignment. 

These are extended topics to write a political science paper on. They can suit research assignments, term papers, and theses as well. Pick whatever you like from the following 35 options:

  1. The structure of IMF explained
  2. Controversies behind amnesty international
  3. Uganda: human rights and connected issues
  4. Worldwide poverty redefined: definition actualization as for 2021
  5. The analysis of causes and effects in the international military conflict in Syria
  6. What is civil republicanism?
  7. Communist government principles: pros and cons
  8. Main society risks of modern democratic politics
  9. Guerilla warfare as the political tool
  10. Ways to coordinate government initiatives in the modern world
  11. Justifying liberal democrats
  12. The impact of the BLM movement on world politics  
  13. How to develop communities: problems, methods, solutions
  14. Main troubles of environmental politics of today
  15. Human Rights Act of 1998: retrospective analysis of achievements
  16. Historical review of leading European politicians of the 15th-19th century
  17. Adolf Hitler’s legal way to power
  18. The political situation in interwar Germany
  19. Morality versus law: different viewpoints on death penalties throughout the world
  20. Reasons and consequences of civil wars
  21. Afghanistan military conflict: Soviet vs. ISAF’s intervention compared
  22. Crimean crisis: the next-get international conflict
  23. Is every country a subject of politics?
  24. Iraq War and war crimes
  25. The political situation in Europe in 1939: analysis of multiple perspectives
  26. How much personal ambitions of a leader determine their political programs and decisions?
  27. Private military companies as political instruments of the modern world
  28. Russia’s foreign policy evolution of 1991-2021
  29. John Kennedy’s political initiatives that haven’t been implemented
  30. Joseph Stalin as a political leader
  31. Chinese foreign policy of 2010-2021
  32. Vietnam War’s influence on the internal policy of the USA
  33. Pacifism as a political model
  34. Appeasement: was the policy of the UK towards the Third Reich effective before World War 2?  
  35. Military power as a foreign policy instrument in the 21st century

Paper Topics for Political Science: More Suggestions to Consider

Haven’t you found your perfect theme yet? That’s not a problem. Most probably, you need additional options to analyze. More topics reviewed mean more ideas appearing in your mind. So, continue reading to make one more step towards the perfect theme concept.

Here are 36 more political topics to write about. The list below contains war, foreign policy, political philosophy, protest, government essay topics, and more. If you couldn’t find something suitable above, most probably you’ll see it below:

  1. War: is it nothing but a political decision?
  2. Mercifulness versus cruelty: what’s better for modern politicians
  3. Does your current government keep the right course?
  4. Security versus freedom: what’s more important for citizens?
  5. Parliamentary republics and presidential republics: what’s the difference?
  6. What form of government is in Russia nowadays?
  7. How would you characterize Vladimir Putin in one word and why?
  8. Is it possible to win the fight against corruption once and for all?
  9. Revolution vs. coup d’etat: what’s the difference?
  10. Are revolutions always for good?
  11. Nature of revolutionary processes in 2021: are they spontaneous?
  12. Belarusian protest movement and governmental reaction policy
  13. The wall in the South: should the US finish the construction?
  14. African American people in the US politics
  15. Abraham Lincoln’s political beliefs
  16. Nuclear weapons: a threat or a restraining factor for politicians?
  17. When can a revolution be for good?
  18. Isn’t democracy a myth?
  19. How would you deal with corruption as your country’s president or prime minister?
  20. The future of politics: what does it look like?
  21. What would be your political party’s core idea?
  22. What was the main political shock for you in 2021?
  23. Anti-crisis politics: mistakes of US government in countering Covid-19 pandemic
  24. What would be the government system if you could build your own country from scratch?
  25. Is democratization through violence democratic?
  26. Political development case study: Russia’s retrospective of the 19th to 21st centuries
  27. Is there a universal solution to stop civil wars?
  28. The core of political conflicts
  29. The impact of capital on politics
  30. Is there any difference between lobbying and corruption?
  31. ISIS as a political force
  32. Main mistakes of Western politicians in their decisions regarding Russia
  33. Centralization versus decentralization: which internal politics model is more effective?
  34. Would you become a dictator?
  35. Political system entropy: what is it?
  36. The Founding Fathers as politicians

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