100+ Physics Essay Topics

100+ Physics Essay Topics

Students frequently feel it difficult to come up with physics essay topics that would be worth the highest grade. However, the variety of topics to write an essay about physics is endless. That’s true just because everything surrounding people on the planet has something to do with physics.

This science describes the interaction of subatomic particles. It also works with molecules and spreads its interest to planets, stars, and galaxies. Physics wants to know everything, so picking a topic to write an essay about shouldn’t be a problem. 

For example, if you are using your laptop to read this helpful material, then you are getting benefits from physical processes. Most probably, the information from our site’s server reached you through Wi-Fi waves, got digested by a microprocessor, and was displayed on your screen because the pixels its matrix consists of got the request to paint themselves in necessary colors to compose images and texts. 

That’s physics. Just like anything else that you see, feel, and even think. And you can use that all to generate an involving topic to write an assignment about. 

Still, if you’ve got that creative block preventing you from generating physics topics to write about, our writers are here to help. Below, you will find over 100 concepts that can suit physics extended paper topics, research papers, essays, presentations, and even dissertations. Feel free to use those topics as they are or just to have basic concepts to build your original theme. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Physics Presentation Ideas

Any physics presentation can be extremely exciting and engaging. The key is to invest enough time and effort to make it look substantial, understandable, and just great. Another critical point is, of course, picking a topic that would be interesting enough to show it to your audience. Fortunately, the choice of potential concepts is unlimited because, as it was mentioned above already, physics is everywhere. 

Here goes the list of 30 physics paper topics to use in presentations to make them exciting and get the highest grade. Choose the one you like the most and start doing your research right away.

  1. Inventions by Nikola Tesla
  2. Physics in sports: how science helps athletes win
  3. Anti-gravity: is the bat belt possible?
  4. Inside a microprocessor: what empowers modern gadgets and computers
  5. How physics correlates with chemistry
  6. Biophysics: what it studies
  7. The greatest physicists in history
  8. Space telescopes: past, present, and future
  9. Yuri Gagarin’s flight: how Soviet physical science made it happen
  10. Nuclear space engines: functioning principles, conceptual problems, and potential benefits of technology
  11. Science behind nuclear weapons: how physics can destroy human civilization
  12. How touch screens work
  13. What’s the main energy source of the future?
  14. The string theory explained
  15. Physics of Solar System
  16. The Big Bang theory
  17. How we use electromagnetism for routine tasks
  18. Russian space launches: reasons and engine solutions for 2019-2021 success series
  19. Physics of ships: what makes tons of steel swim above the water level
  20. How submarines regulate immersion depth
  21. Mars flight mission: physical tasks to solve before departure
  22. Motion sensor functioning principles
  23. What is a laser?
  24. Live music as pure physics
  25. Computer coolers: critical solutions to make your PC work stably
  26. Nuclear power plants: how they produce energy
  27. Physical reasons for radiation to be a threat
  28. Radars: functioning explained
  29. Superluminal speed: can humans ever become faster than light?
  30. Physics beyond digital display matrixes

Physics in Medicine for Essay Topics

Medicine is tightly connected with physics. In fact, physics and chemistry are among the core disciplines to make medical care real and keep moving it forward. That’s why using one of these 20 topics will be an interesting and exploring experience.

  1. Eyecare laser technologies
  2. Computer tomography: the explanation of CT functioning
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging: how MRI machines work
  4. Temperature regulation solutions
  5. Lung ventilation: essential physical solution to reduce Covid-19 deaths
  6. The use of diffusion in medicine
  7. Neural prostheses: past, present, and future
  8. Physics in medicine: how an understanding of physical processes helps doctors take care of patients successfully
  9. Medical equipment: physics serving for healthcare
  10. The physics of breathing
  11. Muscle physics: scientific principles behind body movement
  12. The future prospects of physics to use for medical care
  13. First aid: physics of bullet wounds
  14. Blood pressure measurement
  15. Electric current use for muscle therapy
  16. Physics of healthy exercising
  17. Physical aspects of muscle damage
  18. Optics to solve vision troubles
  19. Contact lenses: how they use optics to let people see better
  20. The importance of physics for surgeries  

Good Argumentative Essay Topics about Physics

Physics begins beyond the atomic core and ends somewhere far further than the galaxies. And yes, this science relies on arguments and experiments a lot. Consequently, it can be challenging but exciting to go in for crafting a worthy argumentative essay on it.

Check the list below if you are looking for an interesting topic in physics to use as your argumentative paper concept. Despite the current development of the discipline, physics still has more questions than answers to show. Why shouldn’t you provide some arguments?

  1. The Steady-state Theory should be more preferable to the Big Bang Theory
  2. Cosmic inflation theory is right
  3. The fate of the Universe: what expects everything?
  4. Earth: how much time does humanity’s home have?
  5. Humans don’t need principally new solutions to reach Mars nowadays
  6. Why are nuclear engines more preferable for long-lasting space flights?
  7. Nuclear energy brings more use than causes danger
  8. Physics is extremely important for modern society
  9. Analysis should be the main research method of physics
  10. Physics plays a substantial role in healthcare
  11. The wheel is the fundamental invention in physics
  12. The arms race would be impossible without physicists participating in it
  13. What is the greatest invention in human history?
  14. Every person needs to know the basics of physics
  15. Physics as the main driving force of superpowers
  16. Physics is the engine of civilizational progress
  17. Superluminal speed is closer for humans than they think
  18. Potential use of physics to solve climate change issues
  19. What is the main mission of physics as science in 2021?
  20. Was Einstein correct about everything he believed in?

Physics Research Paper Topics

Again, the progress that physics has made throughout the recent decades is huge, and you can use that experience and knowledge of humanity when writing a research paper. Here are more than 30 exciting research topics to work with:

  1. Entropy: definition, explanation, calculation
  2. Connections between electric fields and electric potentials
  3. The history of magnetism
  4. Induction stove: how it works
  5. The use of electromagnetism in everyday life
  6. The black hole: origin, physics, research
  7. Reflection principles
  8. Optical illusions: how mirages appear in deserts 
  9. The use of lasers for science
  10. Most promising physics study projects of 2021
  11. The evolution of physics throughout the 20th century
  12. Night vision goggles: physics behind their functioning
  13. Physical tasks to solve on the road to fully functional quantum computers
  14. The internal combustion engine and how it impacted the world
  15. Radioactivity: physics explaining the invisible killer
  16. Building a fully functional kaleidoscope
  17. The influence of polarizing filters on light intensity
  18. Ultrasound levitation
  19. Biophysics and the future of medical care
  20. Main properties making the object float
  21. Air volume change under the influence of pressure and temperature
  22. Physics of rainbows
  23. Soil erosion as a physical process
  24. Ocean waves explained
  25. Quasiparticles: what are they?
  26. Planck’s constant and its importance
  27. Fundamental physics questions and answers
  28. Time machine problematics of physics
  29. Quark types described
  30. The physics of the Internet
  31. Digital information recording & storage

To Conclude

These were over 100 college or high school physics paper topics you might want to use for writing a term paper, essays, research papers, or presentations. Don’t forget that physics still has a lot of mysteries to hide, and it is never too late to find out something new about it.

By the way, if you don’t want to complete your papers on your own, there is an option. Ask our pros for help. They are qualified physicists, and they are always ready to give you that helping hand you need. 

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Enough with hesitation! The earlier you contact our professionals, the more time we’ll have to assist you. Let’s take care of your academic progress together right away!