100+ Geography Essay Topics

100+ Geography Essay Topics

The choice of geography research paper topics or those for essays is huge. However, students frequently risk getting stuck with the need to come up with their own theme concept. Sometimes, the professor may assign a default topic on their own, but it is also frequent for them to leave more freedom for their students. What should you do in that case?

First of all, don’t panic. It’s nothing difficult to find a topic to use in a geography essay. Things become a bit different when you need to come up with a top-quality theme able to bring you the best grade, though. But that challenge is not something you couldn’t pass, too.

Geography Essay Topics: How to Pick

Choosing a great geography topic to use in a paper is easier than you think. Geography is a multi-edged subject, so the number of approaches and subtopics to review is just huge. To pick your best topic, make sure it is relevant, correlating with your current academic level, and interesting for you to work with. 

You can choose from multiple geography subtopics connected with economics, sociology, earth science, and even planetary geography. The range of potential issues to discuss starts inside the depths of Mariana Trench, then continues above the stratosphere, and ends somewhere on Pluto or beyond if that is your wish.  Moreover, you can come up with themes connected to the past, present, or future of geography, and every choice can lead you to an exciting idea for an essay topic. 

Why wouldn’t you write about Pangaea? Wouldn’t it be great to think over the routes of first human tribes and connect their past decisions with the borders we see on the world maps nowadays? Or maybe, it would feel great to imagine space expansion and studying the geography of Mars? All that above and even more is open.  

Here below, you can find over one hundred theme concepts to consider choosing as your geography paper topics. Feel free to use them as they are or as your basics to generate original topics. It’s your call what you decide to do.

Human Geography Essay Ideas

16 Essay topics on human geography are here:

  1. The geography of island states’ markets.
  2. South African epidemic threats: why and how diseases spread there
  3. The impact of growing population on the environment: India case study
  4. Factors making people move to new places
  5. Raise of the sea level: cities most vulnerable to global warming
  6. Megacities: the unavoidable global urbanization and its long-term consequences
  7. Israel and Palestine issues: a political geography case study
  8. The process of military geography development
  9. Chinese demographic situation: pros and cons
  10. Africa: the continent of unequal economies
  11. Infrastructure aging: long-term consequences and potential solutions
  12. How the world population affects human geography processes
  13. The demography of the United States
  14. Cities vulnerable to sea-level rise
  15. Main geographic challenges of modern businesses
  16. Third world countries: geography as a poverty factor

Earth Science Research Paper Topics

The list of informative papers on earth science ideas includes 15 more concepts. Check them out below:

  1. Weather prediction: how meteorologists work
  2. Most devastating anthropogenic catastrophes and their impact on nature 
  3. Biological diversity of Siberia
  4. Invasive species: cats in Australia case study
  5. The future of humanity in terms of ecological challenges
  6. Lightning: the phenomena determining civilizational development
  7. Eco activism: ideas and borders
  8. Is green energy the unavoidable future?
  9. Analysis of eco-terrorism cases
  10. Tsunami: causes, predictions, and effects
  11. Seismometry as a science: history, achievements, use, prospects
  12. Krakatau eruption: analysis of the natural cataclysm
  13. Scientific proofs for the great flood
  14. Environmental law prospects

Cultural Geography Essay Topics

15 ideas again. This time, they are touching on cultural geography issues:

  1. Native American clothing traditions
  2. European languages: common evolution and mutual influence
  3. Advantages of the USSR educational approach
  4. Do Muslim women need feminism?
  5. Patriarchal societies: past, present, future
  6. Architectural achievements of Ancient Greece
  7. Cultural differences between the US and the UK
  8. Buddhism: history, spreading, prospects
  9. Cuisine traditions as a reason for Chinese longevity
  10. Muslim marriages explained
  11. The UK education specifics
  12. Cultural benefits of bilingual countries
  13. East vs. West: main cultural differences of the USA and USSR in the 1960s
  14. Impact of geography on cultural development: Japan case study
  15. Catholicism and the effect it caused on the cultures of Latin America

Physical Geography Essay Topics

Physical geography themes are all serious. If you look for something challenging, pick one of these 15 concepts:

  1. The impact of climate change on Siberian forests
  2. Meteorology development history and prospects
  3. Glaciers: why humanity can’t lose them
  4. The Gulf Stream and how it affects global climate
  5. The Earth’s life cycle: how much time do humans have?
  6. The biosphere’s evolutionary mechanisms
  7. The most devastating earthquakes
  8. The thunderstorm process explained
  9. How chemical elements migrate between places
  10. Altitude zoning of the Himalayas
  11. Elementary geochemical landscapes: features & specifics
  12. The ozone layer: why it is important
  13. Soil erosion: process analysis
  14. Anthropogenic factors of climate change
  15. The greenhouse effect: who to blame?

Geographical Research Topics

Actually, all themes mentioned in this article will suit your geographical research perfectly. However, here are five great concepts to review separately:

  1. Coastal soil erosion: features determined
  2. Why it is critical to protect endangered animals
  3. Ways to predict natural disasters
  4. Deserts: geographical specialties
  5. Global warming as the natural process

Topics About Urban Geography for an Essay

Urban geography is a specific subtopic. See five more essay concepts below:

  1. Urbanization reasons and consequences
  2. Ways to optimize urban geography planning
  3. The biggest urban agglomerations on the planet
  4. Pros and cons of urbanization
  5. Urban territories and environmental problems

World Geographical Extended Paper Topics

The last chapter includes the extended list of extended paper themes to consider. You’ll find something suitable among the 35 ideas below for sure:

  1. The arctic zone: comparison of Russian and Canadian environmental policy in the region
  2. Most popular climate change delusions
  3. Long-term consequences of deep land mining
  4. Earthquake as a geographical phenomenon
  5. Weather threats: how to stand against nature in the most unfriendly regions
  6. Glaciers: origin and importance
  7. In-depth analysis of tectonic processes
  8. Eco-farming as a solution to protect the environment
  9. Environmental protection and food security: key conflicts
  10. Gas and oil: world resource potential evaluation
  11. Does garbage sorting really help fight global climate changes?
  12. The effect of fish harvesting on water ecosystems
  13. Urbanization: will humanity ever come back to villages?
  14. The world’s drinking water resources’ evaluation
  15. Young mountains and their seismic activity
  16. The impact of the region’s geographical location on its economic potential
  17. The rise of the American car industry
  18. Seismic processes of North America
  19. Coastal erosion: in-depth explanation
  20. Tsunamis and how they appear
  21. The impact of industrial progress on the environment worldwide
  22. Water energy: rivers generating the most power
  23. The longest rivers of the world
  24. River basins of Siberia
  25. Solar energy: most promising locations to install huge solar panels
  26. Agricultural development of African countries
  27. How to reduce carbon dioxide amounts in the atmosphere
  28. Plant diversity of Canada
  29. Upcoming agricultural trends in the us
  30. Regions with the most promising economic potential
  31. Geographical features of Australia
  32. Cultural geography of Russia
  33. Industrial centers of the world: geographical conditions determining locations
  34. The future of geography
  35. Reasons to continue ocean exploration

To Conclude

These were the greatest topics for an earth science research paper or a geography essay. They will also cut it if you decide to use them as your term paper or even thesis paper topics. Use them in the way you need at the moment. You will surely find something suitable among more than one hundred themes available above.

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Good luck, and don’t forget to take care of your academic success!