100+ Chemistry Essay Topics

100+ Chemistry Essay Topics

Chemistry is among the most exciting scientific fields of study today, with discoveries and inventions popping up daily. However, with so many new developments, it can be challenging to pick one topic to research. To help you make this choice easier, we’ve created this list of over a hundred ideas worthy of your attention.

How to Use Our Chemistry Research Paper Topics List

While we’ve split the list into sections, any of the ideas below can be used for a variety of assignments. So the chemistry topics for an extended essay will work just as well for research or term paper writing; some may be suitable for case studies or theses. To find the right idea for your class, follow four simple steps:

  1. Browse the topics on offer. You can start with the section that fits your academic level or class best. But if nothing catches your eye there, feel free to skim the other sections; they might sparkle inspiration. 
  2. Pick several preliminary topics. Three to five options should be enough for you to make the final choice. And if you’re not sure which idea is best, consult your TA or professor to know for sure.
  3. Augment the idea to fit your assignment type. Say you have to write an argumentative piece. There are a couple of chemistry argumentative essay topics on the list. You can turn others into argumentative ones if you tweak the wording a bit to make it more controversial. The same goes for other paper types, such as reflective or persuasive essay writing.
  4. Alter the scope of the research. Reread the prompt and edit the topic of your choice to fit it. You may need to broaden or narrow down the scope of the study to keep it manageable and researchable while leaving yourself enough wiggle room to find credible sources.

Choosing the right research topic shouldn’t take you more than an hour, so don’t agonize over the selection too long. You’re better off picking an idea at random and getting fast feedback from your professor than stretching out the first step of your writing process for days and weeks. The sooner you get a go-ahead from your prof, the sooner your paper will be done.

Hand-picked Chemistry Research Topics

We’ve scoured the Chemistry journals and academic news feeds to select 100+ research topics that won’t bore you, your classmates, and professors to death. So you can be sure every idea on the list is fresh and relevant, though you may have trouble finding enough sources to cite for some of the newest additions. Skip to the last section (Researchable Topics) if you want to be sure there are plenty of references to use. 

Chemistry Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. The longevity of lead from historical petrol across urban landscapes
  2. Creating microbes to accelerate harmful chemicals degradation
  3. Recycling superabsorbent polymers for use as pressure-sensitive adhesives
  4. The relationship between different types of aromaticity
  5. Metal-based antimicrobials to replace inefficient organic antibiotics
  6. The truth behind the sustainability of lithium-ion batteries
  7. The history of the discovery and development of insulin as a diabetes treatment
  8. The effectiveness of breathalyzers for Covid-19 express testing
  9. The global challenges and risks of industrial water purification
  10. The solution to the increasing pesticide and fungicide resistance for agriculture
  11. The clean-up process of water and land contamination after technogenic catastrophes
  12. 3D printing applications in the pharmaceutical industry
  13. The effect of nitrogen-rich fertilizers on the environment
  14. The current state of health-monitoring tattoos and patches
  15. The chemical differences in Earth’s and Venus’ atmosphere
  16. The quantitative comparison of artificial and natural elastomers
  17. Sustainable protection throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
  18. The chemical advances of the year 2020 prompted by the pandemic
  19. The influence of electric fields in Earth mantle on diamond crystallization
  20. Meteorites as the source of life-fuelling phosphates on Earth

Chemistry Undergraduate Research Project Ideas

  1. The application of molecular complexity index to identify life on other planets
  2. The US and EU genome-editing legislation and regulation
  3. Bacterial carbon dioxide capture and recycling
  4. The state of the waste-to-raw-materials recycling industry
  5. Mechanochemical oxidation for lithium extraction from old batteries
  6. The effects of quantum tunneling on the thermal conductivity of defect-free crystals
  7. X-ray crystallography software application and pitfalls
  8. Non-invasive blood alcohol content sensor relying on sweat analysis
  9. Biodegradable surgical sensors to track tendon strain post-surgery
  10. Machine learning algorithms to identify ammunition by the gunshot residue
  11. The application of porous hydrogel for cleaning contemporary artwork
  12. Machine learning in materials design and engineering
  13. Blood test DNA methylation detection used for cancer screening
  14. Adding calcium to increase corrosion resistance in magnesium alloys
  15. The implications of using titanium dioxide in food production
  16. Drug-delivery system using metal-covered sperm-based microrobots
  17. The use of carbon nanotubes in creating transistors
  18. The development of tailored copper complexes for LEDs
  19. Silica-embedded flexible polymer capable of turning into glass
  20. The opportunities and challenges of biodegradable plastics development

Organic Chemistry Research Paper Topics

  1. The use of free radicals to create C-C bonds in proteins
  2. The application of voltage to augment reactivity
  3. Organic reaction optimization through the use of machine learning software
  4. Water-splitting photocatalyst optimization via robotic chemists
  5. The applications of color-changing luminescence in organic material
  6. Monosaccharides to be used as narrow-spectrum antibiotics disrupting bacterial cell wall biosynthesis
  7. Efficient methods for creating transition-metal-based non-protein catalysts
  8. The mechanism of dioxygen activation by copper-containing enzymes
  9. Function-oriented molecular design and synthesis through computer modeling
  10. The development of novel materials with tailored optical properties

Good Physical Chemistry Essay Ideas

  1. The method for capturing the molecular motions of catalytic reactions
  2. Electron transfer between electrodes in sustainable battery technology
  3. The method of observing electron motion at excited molecule orbitals
  4. Liquid-liquid phase transition in water in a supercooled state
  5. Modeling strain location and extent in cyclic molecules
  6. The spontaneous generation of hydrogen peroxide in microdroplets of water
  7. Superheavy and beyond superheavy element discovery rules
  8. Molecules cooled to near absolute zero to explain chemical reactions
  9. Molecule examination tools at a cellular and subcellular scale
  10. The use of electric fields to control chemical reactions
  11. The development of flexible crystals for wearable electronics
  12. The application of nanotubes in investigating the properties of quasi-one-dimensional systems
  13. Conformational analysis software for automatic entropy evaluation 
  14. Valence bond theory as applied to carbon bonding
  15. Water solvate properties at a molecular level

Interesting Chemistry Research Ideas

  1. Graphene film application for preserving art from light-induced color fading
  2. Phase transitions in flexible ice microfibers during bending
  3. Sub-zero water splitting for producing hydrogen as a renewable energy source
  4. Copper electrocatalysts’ effect on reducing acetylene concentration in the air
  5. The potential use of carbon dioxide as a raw material for fuel and chemicals production
  6. The failure of personalized medicine and future potential
  7. Safe and efficient ways of hydrogen storage in vehicles
  8. Future electronic materials using silicon double bonds in metal-based polymers
  9. The development of room-temperature superconductors
  10. Ionotronic materials for bridging the gap between electronics and live organisms
  11. The ethics of infecting healthy people to accelerate vaccine development
  12. Spectroscopy and statistics to differentiate between human and animal blood at the crime scenes
  13. The safety and nutritional value of lab-grown chicken
  14. Microplastic particle consumption causes and risks
  15. The properties and uses of porous zeolites
  16. The Moon chemistry knowledge evolution since Apollo 11
  17. Sustainable hydrogen production through seawater splitting
  18. The tools and techniques for direct observation of transition states
  19. The unusual chemistry of Einsteinium
  20. The discovery of hexagonal sodium chloride predicted by evolutionary algorithms

Researchable Topics in Chemistry

  1. The development of subcellular sensors to investigate living cell functions and properties
  2. High-pressure nitrogen explains its similarities with other elements of its group
  3. The achievability of industry emission reduction targets
  4. The potential of cannabinoid-based medicines’ FDA approval
  5. The legal implications of patenting drugs and compounds developed using AI
  6. Precision-designed properties of metal-glass-based composites
  7. The dismantling and recycling of defunct atomic submarines
  8. Photocatalytic process of extracting precious metals from electronics waste
  9. The lubricating properties of metal carbides and their applications
  10. Metal-based coating reacting to heat and friction used to identify strain in climbing ropes
  11. Tailored hydrogels used for regenerative cell therapy and transplantation
  12. The changes in gene-editing regulations for crops and animals 
  13. The application of aluminum in water harvesting
  14. Cross-discipline self-assembly techniques for creating precise nanostructures
  15. The electrocatalytic properties of mercury
  16. The application of barium sulfate for creating broad-spectrum light scattering paint
  17. Magnetic properties of ferrofluids and their application in robotics
  18. Heat tolerance and hardness of high-entropy alloys
  19. The decontamination efforts post-Fukushima
  20. Exotic superconductivity in twisted three-layer graphene

Haven’t Found the Right One Among Our Chemistry Essay Topics?

We’ve done our best to select the most relevant and exciting research ideas on this list. But we cannot cover every class and major in a single post. Luckily, this issue is easy to solve. All you have to do is contact our team, and we’ll happily craft any number of chemistry extended essay topics for you to choose from. And we can just as easily take over writing or editing if you need extra help.