100 Best Cyber Security Research Paper and Topics and Essay Ideas

100 Best Cyber Security Research Paper and Topics and Essay Ideas

Do you need to write a research paper on cybersecurity and don’t know what topic is the most relevant? Don’t worry about it as we will help you find the most interesting one that will satisfy your audience and will be easy to write.

It’s well-known that issues and solutions related to cybersecurity are becoming more important nowadays. The number of cyberattacks is increasing drastically, and the extensive use of computers and other devices along with the spread of the Internet and related services and applications make ordinary users or even governments vulnerable to sophisticated exploits, dangerous malware, and hackers’ attacks. At the same time, finding new ways to protect devices and data sounds more appealing, as if it is not just a routine job that takes enormous effort to be done.

That’s why sought-after professionals are extremely important now. It’s hard to imagine our lives without networks and Internet technology, but we have to be aware of dangers that may occur and ruin someone’s life or compromise companies or countries because data that must be protected just leaks away. As you see, the main outline gives us the background to the relevance and understanding of what cybersecurity is. As a result, it can help you find perfect cybersecurity research paper topics to write about.

What Is Cybersecurity?

This term refers to the techniques, policies, methods, or systems aimed at protecting digital assets. It doesn’t matter whether we talk about people, organizations, or states because data protection is the main goal in all these cases. So, it includes everything from digital protections to policies targeted at developing internal data governance or the average person’s digital activity.

It is important to admit that cybersecurity involves lots of disciplines or correlates with them. Even though Internet Technology is one of the essential parts, in fact, this subject has a direct influence on many things within the context of the real and contemporary world:

  • big data and IoT;
  • international relations;
  • video games and multimedia;
  • business and economics;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • cybercrime and cyber threats;
  • health informatics;
  • software engineering;
  • machine-learning;
  • geographical information systems, etc.

As you see, everything from clinical records and video games to international trade and cyberterrorism can obviously be related to cybersecurity.

Engrossing Cyber Security Topics for Research in 2021

  1. The Role of Universities in Producing Ethical Computer Hackers Who Can Help Society
  2. The Efficient Ways Enterprises Protect Themselves From Cyberattacks
  3. The Influence of Cyber Forensics in Combating Cybercrime
  4. Impacts of Coronavirus Lockdowns on Cybersecurity Threats in the US
  5. How Important Are Software Updates When It Comes to Cybersecurity
  6. An Analysis of the Mediating Role of Risk Management on the Implementation of a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy
  7. Sustainable Development and Cyber Threats
  8. A Cyber Flag Initiative and Its Role in the Protection of Countries From Cyber Threats.
  9. Main Reasons for Integrating Cybersecurity Systems Into Big Data Analytics
  10. Why Does Ethical Hacking Contribute to More Harm Than Good?
  11. The Ways of Strengthening the Information System Firewall
  12. Is It Possible to Protect Yourself From Cyber Crimes by Keeping Personal Data Private?
  13. The Evolution of Cybercrime and Future Threats
  14. Impacts of Frequent Maintenance While the Website Is Still Running
  15. What Cybersecurity Measures Can Small and Medium-Sized Companies Use to Enhance Their Data Protection Protocols and Build Customer Confidence?
  16. Tricks That Black Hat Hackers Use to Infiltrate Company Systems
  17. Effects of Frequent Maintenance on Systems
  18. Challenges of Healthcare Cybersecurity
  19. Digital Piracy: New Threats and Key Solutions
  20. How Do the USA, China, and Russia Manage Cybersecurity When Interacting With One Another?
  21. The Problems of Managing Big Data on the Cloud
  22. Online Harassment and Efficient Ways to Handle It
  23. WikiLeaks and Whistleblowing in the Context of Cybersecurity
  24. The History and Evolution of Online Scams
  25. The Mobile Platform Security and Its Current Challenges
  26. Latest Cyber Threats to Business and Financial Websites
  27. Determining Effective Cybersecurity Strategies to Support an Integrated IoT System
  28. Wireless Sensor Networks and Their Role in Security Breaches
  29. Internet Controlled by the Government: Key Challenges and Current Attempts
  30. Digital Literacy as an Effective Way to Prevent Hacking
  31. Detection Engineering: How to Protect Networks
  32. DoS Attacks and the Ways to Combat Them
  33. The Efficient Methods to Protect the Internet of Things
  34. Main Reasons for Cyberattacks
  35. The Ways to Keep Off Hackers With Innovative Technologies
  36. Cyberattacks and Cryptocurrencies
  37. The US National Security Policy
  38. Technological Trends That Make It Difficult to Manage Systems
  39. The Nature and Origin of Cyberbullying 
  40. Similarities and Differences Between Hacking Phones and Computers
  41. Passive and Active Network Attacks
  42. Techniques Aimed at Detecting Malicious Nodes on Networks
  43. Cyber Communism and Its Role in Decreasing Bullying
  44. Industrial Espionage and Fair Competition: Cybersecurity Challenges
  45. Challenges of Establishing Secure Algorithms in Networks
  46. Application Security: Effective Methods of Making Applications Safe
  47. The Impact of Machine Learning on the Creation of Effective Cybersecurity Systems in the Banking Industry
  48. The Role of Cybersecurity Seminars and Conferences
  49. The History of Cyberterrorism in the United States
  50. New Data Protection Strategies
  51. What Are the Positive and Negative Impacts of the Use of Simulated Phishing Scams to Build Awareness of Corporate Cybercrime?
  52. The Role of Third-Party Apps in Acquiring Data
  53. The Background of Hacking Culture
  54. Critical Concepts of Cyber Attacks
  55. Hacking as a Global Problem in the Digital World
  56. Cyberterrorism and Its Influence on the World
  57. RSA Contribution to the Safety of a Particular Network
  58. The Role of Antimalware in Curbing Cyberattacks
  59. What Costing and Investment Models Can Be Applied to Effectively Analyze Whether the Implementation of Cybersecurity Measures Provides a Positive Return on Investment?
  60. Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Combating Cyberterrorism
  61. A DDoS Attack and Its Phases
  62. Cybersecurity: How Should Employees Be Trained?
  63. IoT and Cybersecurity: Current Problems and Possible Solutions
  64. A Historical Overview on the Development of Cybersecurity in the Context of Blockchain
  65. New Data Encryption Systems and Their Role in Our Contemporary World

Captivating Information Security Essay Ideas

Is it finally up to you what essay topic to choose, but you don’t know what to write about when it comes to cybersecurity? Well, it’s no use worrying, as we have already selected topics that can be of your interest. We are pretty sure that some can develop some of them to get an excellent grade, but you have to think thoroughly before picking a particular topic.

First of all, select several topics that you like the most among the offered ideas. There is no secret that it is much easier to write about things you are interested in. However, you have to focus on your audience and pay attention to the interests of your readers, and that’s the second goal you have to take care of. Your aim is to impress everyone who is going to read your essay.

In case you don’t have enough time to write an essay, you should choose an intriguing but easy topic with lots of information and sources on the Internet. The more relevant data you find, the faster and more effortless your writing process may be. So, if the three mentioned points match, your selected topic is correct. It means that you will write about something engrossing for your audience and you and will do it with no hassle. 

  1. Can We Rely on Passwords When Computer Systems Need Protection?
  2. The Relationship Between Cyberbullying and Cybersecurity
  3. The Pros and Cons of a 2-Step Authentication Process
  4. How Do Children Learn About Cybersecurity From Their Parents?
  5. Evaluate Reasons Why Using Public WI-FI Can Be Harmful to Your Security
  6. What Are the Major Threats to the Cybersecurity of Social Media Users?
  7. Do Corporations Suffer More From Cybercrime Than Society?
  8. The Most Sophisticated Fraud Methods
  9. Sharing Your Data on Facebook: Possible Threats and Solutions
  10. Online Etiquette at School 
  11. Why Should We Avoid Downloading Files From Sites That Aren’t Trusted?
  12. Internet Anonymity: Does It Make People Worse?
  13. The Rule of Law in Real Life vs. In Cyberspace
  14. Detecting Malware: New Options
  15. The Implications of Cyber Threats on Privacy
  16. Are Cloud Services Secure?
  17. Internet Criminals: New Challenges and Ways to Protect Yourself
  18. Is It Right to Conduct Device Synchronization?
  19. Hacking an Account: What Information Can Be Accessed by an Unauthorized Person?
  20. Key Rules of Safeguarding Personal Data
  21. Your Cyberlife: Are There More Disadvantages Than Advantages?
  22. YouTube and Its Role in the Rising Number of Hackers
  23. Digital Piracy and Its Role in the Music and Movie Industries
  24. Internet Bullying and Its Impact on Mental Health
  25. What Is Clickjacking, and How Does It Work?
  26. Reverse Engineering and Its Role in Data Protection
  27. Online Misbehavior: Who Takes the Responsibility?
  28. Companies’ Firewalls: Should They Be Often Monitored?
  29. The Ways of Reducing Online Abuse
  30. What Do VPNs and Proxies Do?
  31. What Do Computers Need Protocols For?
  32. Why Should You Care About Your Mobile Device’s Security?
  33. How Do Social Media Contribute to Cyberattacks?
  34. Well-Known Cybercrime Examples Targeted at People
  35. What Are the Phases of a Trojan Horse Attack?
As you see, it is not so difficult to choose among gripping network security research topics and other ideas, especially if you can simply look through them and choose one that catches your eye. It’s time to focus on writing an impeccable paper, and we are sure that it won’t be an issue for you.