100 Art Essay Topics

100 Art Essay Topics

Can you find a more creative and limitless field for your essay than Art? There are plenty of genres, styles, movements, cultures, and personalities you can refer to when picking art topics to write about. 

However, the abundance of topics can play a dirty trick on you. You might be doubting what subject to choose or whether the selected one falls within your assignment requirements.

Most likely, your fellow students are on the same page with you. So, seeking academic assistance from them is a bad idea. That is why we are here to help you settle on a topic for your paper by offering good art themes.

If you are struggling with finding the topic that would excite your imagination and encourage creative writing, we’ve created a powerful list of topics for you, as well as free art essay samples. Check them all and find the one that would make you feel that you are creating a masterpiece.

Tips on Selecting Winning Art Research Paper Topics 

Brilliant essay topics don’t just happen by chance. In fact, you have a direct impact on what you are going to be writing about. Thus, there are certain tricks that would ensure you craft an excellent paper while enjoying the process. 


So, when you are given the assignment to write a paper on any of the art argumentative essay topics, you feel confused. You have so many ideas in your mind that you can’t limit yourself to a single subject. But, in fact, the abundance of ideas is a great sign. Just write them all down so you could pick the most relevant one later.

Is the Subject to the Point?

As you have a list of the potential topics for your essay, it’s time to carefully filter them out using specific criteria. The first one is relevancy to the assignment you were given. Make certain that the topics align with the essay type and the general direction. For instance, single out those options that could be used as art history compare and contrast essay topics if you are given this task. 

Consider the Volume

There are standard essay assignments that should have around 500-700 words. However, your teacher might request to provide a more extended version of a paper that would go as big as 1,000 words and more. In this case, you should consider if the chosen subject will enable you to meet the essay length criterion. 

Make Certain It Fires You Up

When the teacher allows you to pick the topic, make sure you go with the one that falls within your interest. It would be much easier to express your thoughts if the topic excites you. 

Stunning Art Essay Topics

Every successful essay starts with the right topic. We’ve gathered the ones that you might find exciting and appealing for your Art class.

  1. The citadel of the Acropolis of Athens.
  2. The main storylines and stylistic features of the Upper Paleolithic art.
  3. Migration as a way of spreading art in the world.
  4. Frescoes in Ancient Egypt.
  5. Is there any connection between nation and art?
  6. The impact of technology on art development.
  7. Key motives of modern art.
  8. Photo as a new art manifestation.
  9. Is modern art really so hard for comprehension?
  10. Key features of conceptual art.
  11. Historic tragedies as an art catalyst.
  12. How effective is art therapy?
  13. Public art as a way of uniting the community.
  14. Antique art will never die.
  15. An image of a man in Durer's paintings.
  16. English crystal glass: story, features, and its place in the glass-making world.
  17. Unconventional finger painting techniques.
  18. What’s in the dominant color of the [name] painting?
  19. The boldest crimes against famous art pieces.
  20. Florence as the embodiment of the Renaissance idea of creating the “ideal art piece.”
  21. Social media as a platform for modern art.
  22. The story of one famous painting with a secret.
  23. Contemporary jazz techniques.
  24. Human triumphs depicted in art: the story of one artwork.
  25. The cross-cultural nature of art.
  26. Colors and symbols in architecture and design.
  27. Styles and trends in modern art - the problem of diversity and mutual influence.
  28. The archaic nature of folklore. Myths and reality. 
  29. What do coats of arms tell us?
  30. Cubism as an avant-garde trend in the visual arts.
  31. A fusion of philosophy (Zen-Buddhism) and mythology (Shintoism) in the garden art of Japan.
  32. Examples of American folk art.

Art Debate Ideas for a Lively Discussion

Are you looking for prompts for the discussion on the art-related topic? Here you are. We’ve collected 30 topics that would enable a group of people to share their viewpoints on the subject matter.

  1. Can video games be referred to as art? 
  2. Do we Americans have our own culture?
  3. Is art just a waste of money?
  4. Should all art museums be free?
  5. Graffiti: art or vandalism?
  6. Discussing the utmost purpose of art.
  7. Should Art be the mandatory subject at school?
  8. Is Mona Lisa’s mystery revealed?
  9. Is art shaping our minds or do we establish artistic rules?
  10. Whose impact on the development of the American culture is the biggest?
  11. Is talent the most defining factor for the artist's success?
  12. Visual or auditory art: which conveys the ideas better?
  13. What would the art look like in 200 years?
  14. Should kids be shown art pieces with naked bodies?
  15. Should art depict life or be symbolic?
  16. Art or science: what is more important?
  17. Should abstract art be called art?
  18. Should Ancient artworks be forgotten forever?
  19. The most friendly city for modern artists.
  20. Should a piece of art have a message?
  21. Effective ways of promoting art in the modern world.
  22. The best books on art every student should read.
  23. Should artists change their techniques over time or stick to a single one to preserve a specific artistic style?
  24. Defining the greatest sculpture of all times.
  25. Is there a place for Ancient culture in modern art?
  26. Nude sculptures: a brilliant work or the sign of distastefulness?
  27. Picasso and Matisse: whose impact is greater?
  28. Can Van Gogh be a style icon in painting?
  29. What art objects attract tourists to the city: modern or ancient?
  30. Have we reached the utmost level of art development?

Art History Essay Topics for Your Inspiration

Are you drawn by the idea of discovering how art was developing at different stages? Are you interested in a particular epoch and would like to dig into interesting facts about it? Then you will love one of these topics. 

  1. Monody in Medieval musical culture.
  2. The role of myths in the development of culture.
  3. Characteristics of American colonial architecture.
  4. Ancient images and symbols (the World tree, Mother Goddess, etc.).
  5. The peculiarities of sunk-relief sculptures in Ancient Egypt.
  6. "Temple of the Sun" in Palenque, its resemblance to the pyramids and ziggurats of ancient Eastern civilizations.
  7. Culture of Native Americans.
  8. Discovering art origin through examples of prehistoric art.
  9. The stylistic analysis of The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch.
  10. The image of a person in the culture of Ancient Greece.
  11. The features of culture in Aegean civilization.
  12. The peculiarities of the first American poetry.
  13. Ancient Greece religion and mythology in art.
  14. The lyrical realm of Praxiteles.
  15. Italian Renaissance architecture.
  16. Features of the temple decor in Ancient Greece: pediments, friezes (archaic, classical, Hellenistic).
  17. The main features of the architecture and sculpture of classicism.
  18. Ancient Egypt as a culture focused on the idea of eternal life after death.
  19. Architectural merits of the palace and park ensemble of Versailles.
  20. Baroque aesthetics in Rembrandt’s works.
  21. Humanism of the art of Ancient Greece.
  22. Culture of Native Americans during the colonization period.
  23. Historical conditions for the development of culture in the European Middle Ages.
  24. The peculiarities of the Renaissance worldview of Albrecht Durer and its reflection in the artist's works.
  25. The main stages of Ancient Mesopotamia culture.
  26. Comparative characteristics of Baroque and Hellenism.
  27. The glory and greatness of Rome - the main idea of the Roman forum as a center of public life.
  28. Byzantine culture during the years of the Komnenos dynasty.
  29. Сhivalric culture of the European Middle Ages.
  30. The role of symbols and totems in the culture of Native Americans.
  31. American sculpture during the Paris years.
  32. Caravaggio and Caravaggisti as an artistic phenomenon.
  33. Painted ceramics of Ancient Greece: main stages of development, centers, and craftsmen.
  34. The stylistic evolution in Rubens’ artworks.
  35. J.J. Rousseau's ideas and the development of landscape painting.
  36. Monumental and decorative works by D.B. Tiepolo.
  37. Jazz as a mix of African and European sounds.
  38. Postmodernism and its influence on artistic culture.

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